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  1. I'm having trouble finding scuff plates (sill plates) for my 2001 ram 2500 quad cab, I need both sides in gray. I've found them for regular cab but not quad cab. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know, last parts to a major project and growing impatient to finish. Thanks!
  2. So I'm replacing the front fenders on my 01 Ram 2500 quad cab, I know there a huge pain to replace. My question is I'm wondering which would be better if I re-welded the new fenders in or just secured them with nuts and bolts? Let me know what you guys think or if anyone has done this.
  3. Does anyone have a short throw shifter on there NV5600? If so was it worth the money?
  4. So I have an aluminum block in place of my original Carter lift pump, meaning I have an intank pump pump. I'm going to get an Airdog pump and Im wondering what i have to do different on the install from the original carter pump to the intank pump?
  5. They make noise at some time I work on brand new 2010 school buses with the Cummins 6.7 and they still do it.
  6. So is there any permanate method to get rid of the smell or is it something I am just going to have to lve with?
  7. My only thought is where the HVAC draws air has got leaves or mud or junk stuck by it and stinks. But i don't know where the HVAC draws air in form, and none of the books I have tells me.
  8. So I'm getting a strange oder out of my vents when I first turn them on but goes away after a little bit. Everything works fine, A/c and heat work great. Its not a sweet smell at all so I'm pretty sure its not the heater core. Any thoughts let me know.
  9. You can hear it clear when it gets warmed up but still when its cold, just not as well. Can't hear it at idle, only half throttle not WOT. Can hear very clear in 5th and 6th gear but some times in other gears and like I said before it between 1100 to 1200RPM.
  10. So I i reset the valve lash to spec, and checked my manifold bolts to see if they were loose, but everything was fine. So now I'm at a loss. Any ideas please let know.
  11. So 2 days after a long road trip I noticed a new noise that sounds like its coming out of the exhaust. Between about 1100-1200rpm I get a loud tick/tat that I can clearly hear over my exhaust. It happens in all gears and only really makes the noise when I'm on the throttle, can't hear anything at idle. My only thought is my exhaust valves are out of adjustment going to adjust then tomorrow to see if it fixes it, but not sure:shrug: Any thoughts please let me know.
  12. Ok so I had a chance to really look today and plan out my setup for the AirDog system im planning to get and I couldn"t find my lift pump. The mount on the side of the just has a alum block with a line running through it, and there is no pump mounted on the frame rail. So my only other option is an in tank pump, but I have never heard of an in tank pump on an '01, but maby im wrong. If I do have an in tank pump what does this change for the AirDog system I plan on getting??
  13. I am going to be running an AirDog 150. I'm going to retain my stock fuel filter due to the fact that I live in the norther states and a fuel heater really helps. my questione is i can get a Big Line kit from Vulcan from the fuel filter to the IP, it comes in 3/8" or 1/2" lines, I'm wondering which would be better for me? I'm thinkingthe 1/2"?
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