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  1. LT smoke

    transmission troubles

    its back together had to use a company called quad4x4....great services decent price and ok delivery to here in ohio.....ends up i broke four teeth on third counter shaft....3 teeth on third primary gear lost lots of bearings .....all in all with new shims for both shafts the counter shaft the primary gear and almost every bearing in there replaced ...needle and tapered only 700 bucks .....new lucas gear oil in the case really a pretty simple repair...thanks to every one ...i will try to get some pics up if some one can talk me thru it ...i only have about 2 or three and those are just the broken pieces
  2. ok about to pull the transmission again ....i think i broke third gear ....looking to see if anyone has any experience in rebuilding a nv4500? i figure that its got to b cheaper than a rebuilt one ...best price i have gotten so far is $3400......also sorry for the long time between posts but between the army and the new job at kenworth truck company I havent had much spare time till now......thanks alot gang
  3. LT smoke

    Banks Exhaust Brake

    still for sale?
  4. ok sorry for keeping every one in the dark ....turns out a couple problems where going on ....to answer a few questions ..yes it went into gear fine with motor off as for what was going on the shift fork was bent ...the fingers on the basket were bent ..the pilot bearing fell out when the whole thing was backed out and the slave cylinder rod was installed backwards .....new parts pieces and upgraded south bend slave cylinder total price 800 bucks
  5. LT smoke

    Quadzilla XZT+, non-published 3000 tune

    just bought a quad adrenaline with the standard tunes ...looking for something more than the 200 horse it says it will give .....and does anyone know if any of the other tunes will enable the 3 cylinder fast idle ?
  6. anyone have knowledge where a fellow could find some replacement parts like the engine bay fuse cover,steering wheel,center console in good condition overhead console and other misc.parts?
  7. my aplogies if i used the wrong forum ...ok heres the deal i just bought the quadzilla and am ready to hook it up but would like to keep my edge ez so first question is does anyone know if they are stackable or not and second question if they are how would someone go about stacking them ...ie which parts connect where?.....thanks in advance everyone
  8. nothing special done to the tranny ....the fluid was changed after the clutch install last may ..no towing at all since then and i used lucas oil transmission fluid with about a half quart of b&m trick shift fluid ....no noise from the tranny just wont go into gear
  9. Well life officially sucks again ....the transmission started acting funky last night on the incredible hulk ...ie not wanting to go into second gear ..my normal takeoff gear ..raking bad in third and the only way to go into reverse was shut the truck off put it in third then restart ...so no hulk for me for at least a week the local shop guy says 1500 for a rebuilt five speed ..but he might b able to crack mine open an fix it for about 900 ....any thoughts or ideas ...on price and what might b wrong :banghead::banghead:
  10. LT smoke

    axles and transfer cases

    great info ...so from what i gather as long as the two previous owners didnt change anything i should have the 241 dhd .....1998.5 3500 4x4 ...as soon as i can get under the truck with out needing a snorkle ( 6 inches of snow here in southern ohio )...I know not alot compared to where most of the members are but still.....i will check the transfer case to see that the tag says nv241hdh
  11. LT smoke

    axles and transfer cases

    ah ok how is this transfer case marked so i might b able to tell? as i recall the transfer case was pretty clean last year when i changed the clutch
  12. LT smoke

    New member from Ohio

    welcome to the site ask lots of questions ...thats the best advice i can give ...and hello from southern ohio
  13. LT smoke

    axles and transfer cases

    241 LdL? sorry im not familiar with this one any info you can share ?
  14. LT smoke

    Heater Blower Issue

    dave hello from Ohio great to finally see someone else from the buckeye state on here. Ok now that the pleasantries are outta the way .....if you havent already done this i would suggest pulling the relay down from the side of the blower motor and look at it mine was completly shot and needed replaced ....not sure if this will help or not ..it did how ever work for me.
  15. LT smoke

    WTT/WTS 9.-02 3 Gauge pillar

    great price ..just need to know if its for a dodge with the speaker on the a pillar or not