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  1. Never seen it go above 35 yet. Stock pipes where swiss cheesed, and muffler was MIA, so I had to buy something. 4" may not be need now, but it probably will in the future , and I bought stainless, so I think I'll be stuck with it for a while. Great tip, thanks! How do I identify these? Is there a part marking/number on them? That's what I had originally thought, besides I like that it looks stock under the hood. Actually already did this. I need to add that to my current mods. I think with the current mods it's days are already limited. Now I have to decide do I build that or switch to a manual. ---------- Post added at 03:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:08 AM ---------- I found a post with the part numbers that I was asking about: http://www.dieseltruckresource.com/dev/find-14cm-wg-housing-t103385.html
  2. I need to get one for my 4BT. I put a HX35 with a 9cm ex. housing and I'm only seeing 9psi on it.:banghead:
  3. I have 4.10 and 35s, or whatever the metric equivalent is. I think even the slightest hill would kill the mileage, because the rpms are so low that you'd have to lay into the throttle to go up anything, since the torque isn't so good at 700rpm's.The problem with running slower is you can't maintain that speed before you have to stop (lights, turns, or traffic). When you go to accelerate you loose anything you've gained.I think the best mileage you'll see if running on the highway at the slowest speed you can, without being a safety hazard, which is probably 55-60. That keeps the R's in the sweet spot around 1500.The best I've seen is about 15MPG in my pickup. I've never been able to run it on a full tank of gas without commuter, city, or towing miles.
  4. Actually I think the sweet spot is about 30mph with the TC locked in overdrive and the engine at about 700RPMs while idling. :thumbup2:Of course you'd probably get run off the highway at that speeds, but I bet I could 30mpg.
  5. I'm seeing about 30-35 right now. ---------- Post added at 09:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:07 PM ---------- Great advice, I wouldn't have thought the delivery valves would be such a great upgrade. So based on your feedback I think I've changed the order of my upgrades. 1. Timing 2. 3K RPM Springs 3. Delivery Valves 4. Intake 5. Injectors I left the timing as a higher priority since it has the possibility of better MPG where the 3K springs have the opposite effect.
  6. What I have done: 1. #6 Fuel Plate - Full Forward 2. Boost Elbow 3. 4" Full Exhaust 4. TC Lockup Switch 5. BHAF http://www.dieselpowermag.com/tech/dodge/1002dp_1994_to_1998_dodge_ram_power_recipes/1500_budget.html What I'm thinking of doing (in order): 1. Timing 2. 3K RPM Springs 3. Injectors I'm expecting my trans to blow up, so that will give me an excuse to go to a manual or build the 47rh. What I don't want to do is blow the head gasket, so I don't want so much power that requires me mod the head or valve springs.
  7. Amsoil recommends 50:1. Yamaha recommends 32:1 for my 250cc. This is the the oil I use: http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/tdr.aspx
  8. I bought my wifes 55W 4300K HID's from VVME a couple months ago off feeBay. Those suckers are seriously bright and they aren't that aweful blue that only reflects certain colors like most HIDs.
  9. Then you haven't torn apart one with a power valve. My power valves always gets pretty nasty on my 2-stroke bikes. I always run 40:1 Amsoil. The rest of the motor is always clean as a whistle though.
  10. I'll have to break out the stethoscope to pinpoint where it is coming from.
  11. That's exactly what I'm runnin' even the same color.
  12. Shouldn't the 4.7L be listed in this forum too?
  13. Yea, nothing like following some one who thinks it's cool to blow smoke while I get a mouth full on my motorcycle and my visor is coated in it. Diesel's already have a bad enough rep they need to live down. Don't make it worse. I'm all about making it smoke if it helps the power, but doing it just to blow smoke is just bad! Just my 2 cents.
  14. Nice, I've put HID's in all my wifes Jeep, my BMW and even the kids quads. Great upgrade!What did you pay for the projectors? and where'd you get them?
  15. I think I'm going to have to try this, since I always have some Amsoil Inteceptor for my 2-stroke bike anyways.My 6bt injection pump has developed a ticking sound at idle recently. I don't know if it is the kerosene that I ran through it or if it's the 212K on the odometer.
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