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    Cummins Ford

    5.9 12 valve 5 spd
  3. Hi were should I be posting my truck for sale on your website Thanks
  4. I will have to get some pictures for you guys it has a 318 wide block in it, and its a I ton dually with a small grain box and hoist. And yes im from alberta canada
  5. Hi I have a 1991 cummins and I was thinking of putting in our 66 fargo. Has anyone done this swap if you have I would like to hear what all would be involved and how it turned out Thanks Jd63
  6. what should the pressure be on the transfer pump for the 5.9 with a 7100 on it, also if the transfer pump is gone will it take out the injection pump like it does on the vp44, and also what differences does a fass system have over a stock transfer pump on my set up Thanks jd63
  7. I have a 2000 rogator high clearance sprayer and it has a 12 valve cummins with the inline pump. After last season it was in the yard idling and all of it sudden it started to flutuate. I changed the fuel filters and took it out the field and opened it up to fuel throttle 2350 rpms and then it started to flutuate all over the place.do you think its the transfer pump and if it is what will a fass system do for me in this application Thanks JD63
  8. I have the same problem my clutch crap out on my 98 dodge 1 ton 5 speed and i put a south bend ok13 inch clutch and since then its being hard to shift .I torqued and lock tight the flywheel bolts so thats not the problem i tryed a new hyd clutch from dodge and no improvement im wondering if a person needs the extra stroke hyd clutch cyl from south bend ?
  9. Hi Mike I did put in the extra washer under the pivot ball i did notice to day if i put the clutch right to the floor boards that it will go in a little better [not so good for my wife] could the new dodge hyd clutch sys be a dud Thanks Bruce
  10. Hi I just changed my hyd clutch assy thinking it had failed and that wasnt it so i pulled the trans and found the clutch was finished ,so i put in a new southbend 13125ok assy. now its hard to put into first and second and grinds going in reverse its like its not fully releasing but then it seems to shift good through the rest of the gears on the road . the trans seemed fine before i had the clutch crap out. This is on a 98.5 dodge 1 ton cummins with 110000kms 70000miles it does a lot of clutch work and short trips. any ideas? did i creat my own problem or is something else wrong.Thanks JD63
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