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  1. Hey boss have u got a chance to get that cam out? Do you know what you are looking to get out of it yet?
  2. well let me know what you might want for it and the lifters soon if you can. Our engine is going back together. Thanks
  3. Car has been sold locally! Thanks for looking!
  4. Here is my buddies 1999 Camaro SS LS1 powered. It has a T56 six speed with a SLP short throw shifter and a Centerforce stage 2 clutch both with 1k miles on them. The engine has 84k its all original with the exception of a whisper lid, mass air flow sensor, cold air scoop all from SLP. It also has Moser upgraded axles, and an upgraded y-pipe. He would like to get $7500 obo or trade for a diesel Volkswagen Jetta. He is very motivated to sell this car as he bought a new truck and needs some space in the garage. Thank you for looking.
  5. pump is sold! still have the lines and gear available!
  6. So I just thought I would put this out there for you guys to form your own opinion. I sent my P7100 to them on April 1st and after 3 months of leaving voice mail after voice mail and leaving numerous messages with the secretary and getting only one returned phone call from Jamie and an empty "promise" for lack of a better word I had to track down where my IP was, prove that it was mine and then pay the shipping to get it back home! My pump was at DPE and was being held for "ransom" because SDX owes them alot of money! So take this information at your own risk! However for the folks at DPE they were very helpful and very polite along with being very apologetic for the situation.
  7. Guilty!!! I am doing an engine build/p-pump swap! - - - Updated - - - Well Mike there is always some bartering that can be done!
  8. Alright guys I have the VP44 off my truck the gear and the stock lines for sale! The VP thru a P0251 code. Im not sure what any of this stuff goes for so dont be shy!!
  9. Well folks the car is all fixed up! After flushing the radiator replacing the tstat and replacing the radiator fan relay all is wonderful! Thanks for all the help guys!!Rogan I sent you an email!!
  10. I will take a new pic and send it to ya! got an email address you want it to go to?
  11. Very funny Rogan! Im not sure about the radiator being plugged up i will take it to the car wash after work and try to clean it out! Do you think it would be a good idea to flush the system while im there? If so whats the best way or stuff to use??
  12. Hey guys i know its been a long time since ive been on but ive been working about 65 hours a week for 7 days a week!! Since my truck is down i have been driving my trusty ol 93 honda civic with a 1.5l non V-tec and this morning i noticed that the temp gauge was well above where it noramlly rides!! So i turned on the heater and it dropped down where it noramlly runs and it was blowing hot air. So then i turned off the heater and it slowly rose back up even doing 70 mph down the highway! It wont drop unless the heater is running. So im thinking a stuck thermostat??? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!
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