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  1. Yes it does. I can confirm this. I had ACR send another ecm out to fix the cruise control issue. The cruise control worked on this one but after about 2 blocks down the road the ecm went into limp mode and the truck died. It would not restart after that. So dam the luck. Pulled that one out and reinstalled the first one they sent. Truck started and running fine. But, still no cruise. The cruise light does not even come on. They seem like a decent company so this is kinda upsetting to me. Now i'm not having much faith in the first one they sent. The question is.....whats the dodge/ram dealers source for rebuilt ecm's. Does cummins rebuild them directly and only sell them to specific dealers?
  2. maybe a communication problem between pcm and ecm? possibly pcm and ecm on different software series.... could they have programmed new ecm wrong? Also read on other posts that a smarty programmer could fix this with "recovery software". Was thinking about getting a smarty. thanks
  3. ok..so a problem with the new ecm after about 500 miles. The cruise control does not work. It worked on my old ecm. I think the one they sent is from a 99. I dont get anything, no instrument cruise "on light" , notta nutthin. On a 2002 5 speed mt the cruise is all controlled from the ecm? I might just go without it since truck is running good otherwise. knock on wood.
  4. -A few years ago i parked on a busy street with the engine running. About two minutes later some guy came out of his house mad as heck and knocked on my window...he says("would you stop idling your diesel in from of my house!"). -Drive through food joints with engine on...no dice. -conversations next to running truck usually involve yelling. -neighbors like to make comments about the noise. -you can do a few things to quiet it down but i say hell with them, Its a beautiful sound.
  5. Maybe nations would sell something compatible?... Maybe they could cut us poor dodge guys a break here at the moparman site. Notice this site http://www.aspwholesale.com/ has parts for my old bosh unit, but i'm reluctant to rebuild it. This looks like a nice alternator. http://www.nationsstarteralternator.com/180-Amp-HP-High-Output-Alternator-for-2000-Dodge-p/13874-180-hp.htm?CartID=1
  6. All computer resources. They have a website or you can find them on ebay. They list the ecm's they have sold over a given time span. Noticed Lots of dodge diesel owners have used them. Not a good sign for dodge owners. Yes, i will update if the ecm fails too soon and my alternator/batterys/cables/ext still look good. Just for shits and giggles we should find what is "typically" going bad with the ecm itself. Its probably a $2 part and some good soldering skills.
  7. This may be hearsay.... Cummin's offered to sell them engine and electronics with a warranty. They did not want to pay the $ for engine electronics. So they voided the cummins warranty and mounted... other awesome hardware. Hardware that works, but needs some tender lovin care to keep working. Anyways. Recommendations on a good quality low noise alternator rebuild? The new nippondenso 136a is probably not bosch quality. Not sure but it does seem of good quality. website states " Dealer Authorized! "MOPAR SPECIALIST" ." thanks for the help dudes.
  8. -So just a little update on this. The New Ecm from all computer resources is working like a charm...so far. 120 miles on it, knock on wood. It did take them a week and a half to send it after payment. To get the "lifetime warranty"also had to send the old one back in. -Back to the source of dead ecm on a 142k truck? The old alternator was "Good" on oreillys machine. Napa guy could not get his machine to work. Way to go Napa guy. Although the oreilly machine read .4 low and 2.5 high on the "ripple test"(these numbers may kill a dodge ecm?). That was for the old bosch 132 amp unit. Doubting new nipondenso 136a unit is much better then the bosch. Have not tested new alt. I agree with what others have said; The multi-meter test can help but it may not show what you need to see. A nice oscilloscope( no one owns one) or a high quality computerized machine(not oreillys) is what you really need. The test results are still inconclusive at this point.... -other ecm killer suspects -Truck is running the raptor 150 lift pump. Its a big pump. Possibly causing strain on the batterys/electronic system. Possibly, but probably not the suspect - pulled the edge mileage max off the truck to be safe. Im sure its fine. Innocent until proved guilty... Anyone want to buy?.. -battery terminals were kinda dirty, but not too bad. -dodge stuck a bunch of contemptible ecm's and vp44s (my vp44 died before 85k) on our trucks. I think this is our killer. Hurry, someone arrest dodge for ecm/vp44 butchery...i mean ram...or fiat...or whatever the hell.
  9. Put a new alternator on it and took the edge mileage max chip off. Same symptoms. Although the rpms seem to really run away when applying a little pedal. I did replace the apps sensor last year from another dead pedal episode. Maybe a failing apps is sign of alternator issues. checked apps sensor for fluctuation when truck rpm goes up on its own. Voltage does not move. (check with analog meter). lt Blue with black tracer to ground. Maybe i should do a different test.... checked ac on the NEW alternator while engine was running. .05 volts ac. alt to neg on battery. Like you say the damage is most likely done already. Going to find someone who can test the old alternator better. I don't have a scope. probably will not put edge back on. maybe a smarty tune or something. codes po606 Ecm p0113 intake air tempcircuit high po118 engine coolant temp circuit high po123 app sensor high po121 APPS Sensor Volts Do Not Agree Idle Validation Signal Any recommendations on place to find Ecm? I am thinking allcomputerresources.com
  10. Oh yeah I meant .05 volts. Good catch. Is it possible to get rid of the o606 after getting it. ? Or does that mean ecm is toast and I'm just checking these things to prevent another roasting . I'm in denial about buying $500-900 part. Does anyone just repair these boards? Thanks!
  11. Hey thanks for the reply, your no doubt the 2nd gen master. Yeah thanks to reading around the forums here. checked the alternator for ac with a few meters(including a fluke). Ac seems to stay under .1 amp. I think it was maybe .05 a. I thought maybe it was just a random spike. And maybe it is.....so ran truck with 140 alt fuse pulled. Rpm issues still there. Took alt to napa to get it tested. He couldn't find the right alt code or something for it to test the dang thing. Its the 132a Bosch. Thats a good idea, Ill try pulling the edge. IT's been on the truck for maybe 5 years though.Did you get the 0606 code with the shorted oil pressure sensor?
  12. Hello, I have followed this forum for years but just joined today. Because i've got a sad sad story. I hope you guys dont get this code. Looking for some help maybe. Reading over the forums from this site and cumminsforum, i now fear my ecm has died. Truck running fine after 45 min freeway drive. Get off freeway and truck starts to act funny. Gauges going ape ****(including temp gauge going full hot and then back to cold). Pedal goes more and more unresponsive. (dead pedal). Rpm's are uncontrolled. Truck Rpm all over the place. Truck lost its marbles. In limp mode with rms going full retard.(never go full retard) limp it rest of the way home. Idle home in first gear up steep *** hill . Thinking vp pump computer has died for sure. But no it doesn't look like pump, My Codes from the reader. 0606-very bad code (ecm failure) and a bunch of high input codes. that i'm guessing don't mean **** after the 0606. ,0113,0118,0123,0121,0238. Testing truck -truck will run for a few minutes. with no codes. When its warms up the rpm/gauge issues and codes come back. -I have check alternator for ac noise. I have run truck with 140 alt fuse pulled. Bought a new alternator that i will use later with new ecm. Just in case.... -I have checked apps sensor for fluctuation when truck rpm goes up on its own. Voltage does not move. (check with analog meter). lt Blue with black tracer to ground. -checked/cleaned a bunch of grounds including one by pass side battery. Thinking about taking ecm off to polishing up the surface of engine and computer.? Checking more for bad wiring, intermittent grounding someplace maybe....? What do you guys think? Ecm Toast for sure? Could it be in the Pcm? Where Can i find a good replacement or repair? Nobody seems to sell new ones. They all need to be programmed with right vin. Some ebay sellers have them up for 800 bones. But idk 2002 5.9 5 speed. Mods- raptor lift pump 1/2 inch lines. S@b Intake. Edge mileage max. gauges. 140k miles on truck
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