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  1. Why would a guy get a new pitman arm? I just got the Box and the shaft, haven't put them on the truck yet, but didn't think the pitman arm needed to be changed or don't know the reason why it would be needed.
  2. Thanks for the help guys I'll give her a go and see if I can narrow it down.
  3. Ok, I've done some searching and can't really find what Im looking for. My Blinkers started to malfunction on me lately and at first it was intermittent. Sometimes they would work and sometimes they wouldn't. This went on for a day or so and now they just don't work at all. My hazards do though. My lights are good it has something to do with just the turn signal system. Does anyone have a for sure answer as to what could be the issue? I'm definitely electronically challenged. Thanks
  4. Alright thanks I'll give that a try!! if i were to stretch a chain from the factory removal mounts and basically have no slack in the chain so when I hook up the cherry picker the chain won't hit the cowl do you think it would work? So theoretically the chain will be almost tight from each hanger mount taking away the steep angle so the chain won't hit the cowl since i only need to raise it a few inches? Let me know if I'm not making sense to you lol
  5. Ya I've helped take a 360 out of a buddies 97 1/2 ton and we didn't take the mounts off and with 3 of us all mangled up and trying our hardest it took at least an hour and a whole lot of frustration to line everything up and get it back in because of the cowl . So I'd rather not go through that again haha. Well should I even bother taking the engine out? Is it possible to pull the pan and put some RTV on there and reinstalling it with the engine in there?
  6. Ya lol I was hoping he would see this and chime in . If he takes a while I might PM the guy. He does know a lot and I'm pretty sure he's done it a few times just for fun haha.
  7. Alright, just looking for some advice or maybe some direction towards a video or thread that I can't find on pulling the engine. I have all the necessary tools since on base here they have a hobby shop with lifts and cherry pickers and blah blah blah. Basically I have an oil leak or maybe 2 :banghead: lol. The guy who fixed the KDP back in the day when my dad owned the truck didn't do a good job with the gasket when he put the gear case cover back on, and I'm thinking my crank seal is leaking as well. And my oil pan gasket is going, which to my understanding you basically have to pull the e
  8. My HX35 on my 12v is really loud. I took out the silencer ring as well and have a BHAF and a 4 inch straight pipe. I don't really have anyone to compare to side by side but its honestly really loud. Especially when i shift from gear to gear and I shift at a high RPM. It screams.
  9. Mid 70's? wow man I wasn't a twinkle in my parents eyes at that time :lmao2:ha ha just giving you a hard time. Ya I can see what you mean. When stuff first comes out it always takes a while to sway most people from the way they've always done it. I'm kind of the same way. Oil works and it has for years but I've been entertaining the idea anyway. I'm waiting for about another 5k miles when I do the Crank seal fix and then I'll probably make the switch. It just doesn't seem like a common choice with our trucks unless I'm just behind the curve, maybe because of the price.
  10. Well right now I'm down in the hottest/sunniest place on earth. Not the best place for the Marine Corps to send a pale skinned ginger :lmao:but oh well life is tough. Once I get out though I'm more than likely heading back up to Montana so it might be something I do in the near future. Only 514 days 13 hours 16 minutes and 42 seconds left.................but who's counting. :woot:Now is there a process to go to synthetic or do you just drain the oil and then dump in the synthetic?
  11. Is anyone running full synthetic oil in their 12 valves? Just curious on if our engines are able to use it and if there are any benefitting factors or if it's something we should stay away from.
  12. huh! I stand corrected. Well Im of no use to you then lol. At least I can see what yours looks like and now I know.
  13. So from reading through this thread I've found myself confused over this ABS thing . When I bought my hub assembly I never got a Non ABS hub assembly or hub assembly w/ABS option. Its just one big bearing/hub assembly with no sensors or wires on it. But doing some research I can only find hub assemblies with an ABS sensor wire starting from 98 and newer trucks. My truck has ABS like I said before but I think it's rear wheal ABS only, which in my case would explain why I didn't run into it. So if Im not mistaken you shouldn't even have to deal with your ABS at all, but I could be wrong. Al
  14. lol well I do remember one of your videos and I think it was at night and in your garage or shop. I remember you took the fuel lines out and a few other things to make it easy. It's been a long time though so honestly I don't remember what you named it. Anyway Ill probably just dive in there and take it out the hard and cramped way :banghead: haha
  15. Do they make a leather conditioner of any kind that you could routinely lather on the tire to keep it from cracking? Where does your buddy live? The climate might have an effect on the tires.
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