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  1. 2001cummins

    Opti-lube xl and xdp

    Well looks like I should of came to yall first before I bought into the whole lubricity testing done on this stuff a few years back. I guess I will use both back and forth till I run out, then will go back to my 2 stoke oil- like yall said lot easier to get your hands on. Live and learn I guess.
  2. 2001cummins

    Opti-lube xl and xdp

    thanks, I was thinking the xl was mainly a lube like the 2 cycle oil was just was suppose to have an injector cleaner in it also- don't believe any cetane is added to that one. The only neg I see so far is the xdp has a strong smell similar to Power service stuff. The xl is not near as strong. Have to keep this stuff in the tool box unlike the 2 stroke I just keep it in the truck already pre measured out.
  3. 2001cummins

    Opti-lube xl and xdp

    yes sir, you fellas know better than me. The 2 stroke is available almost anywhere and cheap but opti-lube and it is suppose to help keep your injectors clean at same time, and takes less per tank so it should actually be cheaper in the long run. Just figured I would buy a few gallons and test it out. Like I said seems to have smoother idle and less smoke. I just figured I would try it, I have read on other forums that guys running 2 stroke for 100k and more miles they have more build up on top of there pistons than normal than trucks running just straight diesel.- but this is just what I read, cant believe every thing you read on internet.
  4. What are yalls opinions on opti lube I have been using it and seems to smooth out idle and motor seems to run better than with just the 2 stroke oil I have run in the past. It is little expensive but has better lubricity results from past studies
  5. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    thanks, will look at that too. I did end up changing the fluid and filter over the weekend and while I was in there, I did find the 3-4 spring to be broke in half. Seems to shift better now but still late lock up but not as harsh. thanks for all the help from everyone.
  6. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    Ok thanks, I was going to buy the master kit from cascade transmission parts that has all the solenoids and new gasket and 3-4 spring $200. Figured it would be worth it to see if that helped would be cheaper than taking to trans shop. But if you don't think that is the problem no point of wasting 200 dollars?
  7. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    so could it be the solenoid going bad.
  8. 2001cummins

    Protect your lift pump

    well looks like I need to get a different relay then, mine is just the basic relay you buy at autoparts store there is no resistor or diode diagram on the ones I saw locally. Where are yall finding a 30 to 40 amp relay with a resistor or diode built in.
  9. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    not sure if it is stock or not, it had 160000 on truck when I bough it, He did not say he has had any trans work done to it. But when it locks up(what I am counting as 5th) it is a hard shift then does not ever come out of lock up unless I slow down, but truck has no problems downshifting it is always in correct gear if I slow down then take back off. Just don't remember any of my other cummins with auto tranny shift like that- but I guess from what yall are saying it may have different converter and valve body because it does not have any problems other than that. Timbo apps is suppose to be in tonight so I will put on and see if that helps- have read some other post that helped with there shifting on auto trans for some reason.
  10. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    I also may try and switch relay to see if that helps. Ac noise was less than 0.024
  11. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    Thanks for the help, yes it's stock as far as I know. I cleaned all ground wires in truck and seemed to really help. Now only gear that is harsh is 5th. And takes a while to let shift to 5th. Any ideas what would cause that
  12. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    Yes sir will do. Will get back to yall after I get off this evening.
  13. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    Sorry don't have a live data tool, might be worth investing in though if they arnt too pricey. What is the TV cable? Seems like it is the last 2 gears with the hard shifts
  14. 2001cummins

    2001 dodge auto tranny problems

    not that I can tell, it seems if I let off the throttle sometimes it will shift and some time I have to keep in the throttle to get it to shift. I did order a timbo apps to see if that does help at all.
  15. I have a 2001 dodge reg cab 2wd with the auto tranny only bought about a month ago. It shifts great in the first few gears but the last 2 seems to hold till about 2000rpm and then shift pretty hard. I have checked the alt and am only about .024 ac volts. I am going to clean the grounds anywhere I see them. Fluid still looks brand new, but may replace and put new filter on. Any suggestions or has any one had same type of issues. Thanks to everyone so far for being helpful.