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  1. That's what I was afraid of. Picked up a used airdog. Pump only. I'll need a bracket too. I assume that's something vulcans guys can get me too ?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Can I wire an airdog 150 into my factory harness?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. http://www.genosgarage.com/IN-DASH-GAUGE-INSTALLATION-KIT-SINGLE-99-02/productinfo/GM-DG-01FACE-9902/ Ive got boost, pyro, and fuel pressure on pilar, then ordered this from Geon's garage. Pull of dash surround and pull cubby hole on 2nd gens. Needs a bit of dremel work to open up for some gauges. I'm putting the tranny temp in there so I can put the wife in charge of monitoring that one on the towing runs. I'll actually put an angle collar for better viewing. Not certain its worth, the couple bucks, but when ordering and knowing I didnt have any materials in the shop, worth it to me. I like the way it looks.
  4. Did you install the pre pump filter in the factory 3/8 line?
  5. I'm close to ordering the relocation kit to shift the pump toward tank and all new line, just the guy at Geno's said good idea to bucket test it. Sounds like you put the big line kit on...thinking that myself. I also funnel filled the canister on my initial install .... just seems too much from all I hear. Still think I'm sucking air with the low FP. Just looking for insight and few have my same setup it seems. Nice to hear from a fellow 99 driver.
  6. I assume im just not being patient enough. I had the FP send in the out side banjo with a snubber bolt. Guess Im just frustrated I cant see FP on guage. Thanks for the 6-8 bumps input that helps. So either of the 1/8" fits are filtered side? Whats rest of you fuel system like?
  7. So why is it I always have that model that is the "different" one? After putting a new DDRP on the truck in fall and still not having good FP and VP death code, I put out the $ and had new VP put on. Truck runs great...but still ____ poor FP. I was lucky to see 13 at idle and I could pull it to 3 at WOT. Talked to boys at geno's. Sent me new DDRP spring...should increase FP...installed it and it did....but Im still draining to 5 .... so the guys tell me to swap filter and run a bucket test (pull from a fuel can right off the DDRP). I have to be pulling air. I tear it down and I just dont like the idea of the DDRP install.I had put in a draw staw at the tank sometime ago, created a quick clip to use the stock hose toward the DDRP, then cut stock line, put in the DDRP packed can filter, stock line on to the DDRP. then push lock line to the filter canister and stock to the VP.Now my VP doesnt have a shraeder, or I'm too stupid to know what it is....(I want to see another's pic). My filter canister on the 99 is the can from below with 4 ports in to. Banjo ports in and out and 2 plugged 1/8" fittings.letI got it fired once had a huge mess, cuz I could only prime with one of the 1/8" open and fuel shooting everywhere. I have gone thru the cracking injection line at head cracking at VP in, and open any of the ports on top. I go from changing my sending unit to all these ports just to get a reading. I'm lost with a hose in a can....and cant get it primed. I'd love someone to explain what these 4 ports are in top of my canister.Should I crack the inlet to the VP to prime the canister... what am I missing?
  8. Well after installing my gauges and DDRP I finally got the P1688 "dead" code. My gauge still wasnt showing as much pressure as I thought it should have (12-15 idle...I could pull it below 5 with throttle). I'm pulling pressure thru top filter housing from outlet banjo thru a snubber. I assumed I should swap the filter anyhow. Regardless after I got up to temp, the truck stalled. When hot and bumping the starter the lift pump didnt seem to be running. Had no pressure and no start. I pulled code to get the P1688. Can the VP code cause the lift pump to not run (when hot)? After a few hours, I started truck and drove it to the house. Same pressures 12-15 at idle.I'm assuming just get a new VP? Any thoughts on vendor?
  9. thanks for the info I'll try anything Been at this for an hour - - - Updated - - - I can not get this DDRP to prime.... I have half a tank of fuel.... I'm blowing bubbles in the filter housing. I tried to top fill the pump down thru the banjo... I'm getting no where.... Any help....Want to try vaccuum But I dont have a pump to use.... any home remedy ideas... (LOST).
  10. did you check to see there are any bad fuses under hood? Is there there a comm fuse?Also make sure the batteries are up and good clean terminals.... Did this just happen all of the sudden?
  11. so I got a new DDRP-02 installed.... factory style inlet into DDRP, push lock line to top of filter canister. fuel pressure gauge with snubber in top of outlet to banjo to the VP.I bumped starter a few times to fill filter.....only at one point I saw the fuel gauge rise and fall showing pressure. I know it pumped enough to fill the filter one time now NOTHING. what's wrong.... I cant get anything out of the pump.... i popped the banjo on the inlet side of the filter. I havent put the inline pre filter to the tank yet. I'm thinking something is in the line.... or am I not priming right. Can i blow back thru the pump and into the tank???
  12. cant get it running... I ordered the FASS ddrp should be here for weekend. have to see how hard the convert is.
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