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  1. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Another update for all. 2nd ecm is still in truck. Cruise control is not working yet. I had 2 codes come up in the ecm. P572 Brake switch signal low and p501 vehicle speed sensor range/performance The company I bought the ecm from said I could send it back right away but I have been troubleshooting both of these codes to verify it is an Ecm issue. The brake switch signal is getting to the Ecm. I have battery voltage at pin #24 when brake pedal is pressed. As far as the speed sensor. My speedometer is working fine. I bought a scan tool that can do live data it is showing correct speed in the pcm but the ecm is not getting or processing the signal. According to the wiring diagram it should have the speed input from abs controller to pin #27 at the pcm and pin #43 at the ecm. I can only assume the signal is going to both places. This code is set when the speed is not the same in both computers. Lastly i I bought a Bosch obd 1150 scan tool. It will do live data from both pcm and ecm but it will not let me reset the codes in the ecm. I called Bosch tech support and the said it may not work with all applications. Kind of frustrating to spend that kind of money and it not work as expected. Does anyone know of an inexpensive scan tool. (Less than $200) that will do live data and talk with both computers on our trucks?
  2. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    New rebuilt unit is installed cruise control not turns on but does not function. I know my Ecm was bad and the rebuilt one proves this. But it is not controlling all functions as I expect. Will see what they are goIng to do about it. Flagship one has been decent to deal with just have a little issue in total programming. Wish I could find a company that deals with these specific ecms. But it is a 15+ year old product and I think most of these companies want to work with the newer vehicles. I know now the fact is the dealerships want to sell new vehicles and want to get older vehicles off the road. I am not ready to give up on the best diesel truck ever built. Nor can I afford to do so.
  3. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    The only ecms available are rebuilt. Unless you can find a dodge dealership that has one on the shelf yet. My local dealer said no new ones in Wi. Dodge or Fiat stopped carrying this part in Oct 2016. Flagship one my Ecm is $775. And no core charge. Most places I found for internet pricing cost $600-$800 plus $250 core. Price was mostly based on warranty. Waiting for an email to see if my new one has been sent.
  4. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    I couldn't find anyone in Wisconsin that rebuilds ecms. I have found out that this particular Ecm is prone to the processor going bad. I have been searching for someone to fix my old one so I can have a spare. Seems I find lots of negative comments about anyone I find on the internet. I am going to go to the local cummins shop and see if they know anybody in the area. Flagship One is the company I am working with right now for my replacement will see how they treat me through this process maybe I will give them a shot at the rebuild if the price is right.
  5. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    They are sending a new unit. Talking with the mechanics I work with they think it should have been able to be enabled through the programming but they are not sure on this particular application.
  6. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Another update. Truck ran fine with new Ecm. No cruise control. Company admitted to sending an Ecm for an automatic transmission truck.
  7. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Well Ecm is working as normal after day 1. Except cruise control doesn't work. When switch on steering wheel is pressed to turn on the cruise, light in the odometer doesn't come on the company I bought the ecm from says that is not an issue with the ecm because cruise control is a function of the pcm. I have looked over the wiring diagram and found that pin #22 from the ecm goes to the cruise control circuit. And pins 5, 6, and 11 from the pcm also go to the cruise control system. Any help would be appreciated so I can have some firepower if I need it. I will be sending them an email tonight with this information. The cruise even worked when my Ecm was failing. I am planning to install my junk ecm and see if I can verify this.
  8. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Just an update to all. Thanks for the help. I ordered my Ecm from Flagship One out of NY. Installed last night and all is good. My alternator was rebuilt by a local rebuilding shop called Fondy auto and electric. It was the reason my Ecm went bad. Good luck to all keeping our trucks on the road
  9. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Wait to start works comes on and cycles properly. Truck starts ok and idles good for a short time. Then engine rpms are all over the place with no pedal movement. If I try to use the accelerator pedal at all (5%)the engine speed slowly climbs to 2500 rpm but will fall right back to idle when the pedal is released.
  10. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Thanks for the input. I said 100 miles ago but this is not my daily driver. I have been watching this site for the past couple of months and trying to do most anything that was posted about ECM problems. All ground have been checked and cleaned. All plugs have been checked and dielectric compound on them. As far as codes I have got high and low circuit input codes for all sensors at sometime or another during this process. And followed the guidelines for trouble shooting the DTCs Thanks to to everyone that posts and replies to the forums it has been a great tool and reference for me. The wiring diagrams are also a great help. I have a copy printed off and keep it in my tool box.
  11. Countyguy

    Help-Cummins Down............

    Wondering who you got your ECM from? I have lots of codes on mine one of them is the P0606. It started about 100 miles ago with P0237 and P0112 and would go into limp mode. I would clear the codes and would keep coming back. Removed and checked over entire wiring harness with big bulb test. Replaced boost sensor and IAT. Just had the alternator rebuilt and new tensioner assembly. Alternator had .068 volts ac current before being rebuilt. Just installed alternator tonight and cleared codes. Codes that came back with scanner are P0606 P0237 P0123 P0118 P0112 with the key trick I get all these codes plus P0343 P0577 P1286 I don't understand why the scanner doesn't get the same codes as the key trick. I can see live data with the scanner I am using. Throttle position when getting live data from the ECM smooth transition from 0% to 100%. When viewing TPS through the PCM it is at 7.38% and only goes to 68.68% with pedal on the floor. Does anyone have an explanation for this. Aux input/ PTO keeps switching from active to inactive. Boost pressure goes from 5.98 down to 2.98. IAT goes from a normal reading down to -40F. Coolant temp reads normal then spikes to 293 F. Also throttle position on the scanner will go from 0 to 100% with out touching pedal. Trying to give as much information as possible. My truck I have owned since new. 2002 QCSB HO 6 speed 125 FASS lift pump and MBRP 4 inch exhaust. Everything else is stock. No tuners ever