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  1. I was unaware Smarty was a vendor here. I'm not sure if Bob Wagner is the vendor on this site, but he is definetely a great resource for troubleshooting the Smarty programmers! Found Bob Wagner contact yesterday afternoon. Sent him an email yesterday and he replied yesterday (Sunday). He asked a couple questions and this morning I had it fixed. Awesome service. Thank You Bob Wagner!
  2. So I had to change out my ECM and forgot to reset my smarty back to "stock" settings before I pulled out the original ECM and sent it off. Now when I try to load Smarty settings it says "New ECM" and won't download anything. How do you "reset" this thing to work again? Bob Wagner is the rep. here in the USA for Smarty but I have no contact information.
  3. I'll take a look at these PCM, W-T ground wire mod. and alternator articles. Thanks!
  4. Sent my ECU to get repaired...........In the meantime, Question for you all..........What would it hurt if I found a "spare" ECM to have as "backup" when I'm out in the mountains here in Colorado? There is no cell service in several places in the mountains where a majority of my time is spent. Calling for help with no service is a reality and having a "backup" ECM makes sense to me with where I'm located and working. Having a "spare" ECM would allow me to "limp" back home. What would it hurt? Affect mileage reading on dash? What's your thoughts?
  5. Thanks Mopar1973Man. So after checking over wiring, verifying good grounds and not seeing anything obvious that stands out, would everyone concur bad ECM? P1694 code. Auto Computer Specialist seems to be a reputable repair facility?
  6. Truck just died on side of Interstate. Pulled codes off dash......DTC P1694: NO BUS MESSAGES RECEIVED FROM COMPANION MODULE. PDC plug seems to be ok. Faulty ECM ? What else could it be?
  7. winch_warrior


  8. Countyguy- I got my ECM from Flight Systems Electronic Group. They rebuild these ECM's 100% and stand behind them with a 1 year warranty and unlimited mileage. Here is their website https://www.fseg.net/ They have been building electronics for Aerospace programs for 40 years according to their website. No other ECM rebuilder even comes close to these guys. They charge $800 for our 2nd generation ECM's. They program it for your truck so you don't have to go to the Dodge dealer to get your new ECM flashed. It truely is "Lock and load" ready to go right out of the box.
  9. Just curious.........With a new ECM why wouldn't the ECM manufacture require that you check your alternator for warranty puposes since this is such a problem with "killing" ECM's or VP44's? None of the ECM or VP44 re-builders (Industrial Injection) make any mention of this............just curious?
  10. OK guys, wondering about couple items here. Got new ECM installed and truck runs good. Went to check alternator for AC noise as recommended and I'm getting .02 VAC readings. This should be good, right? So why did my ECM go south then? Is there anything else to check to prevent this from happening again?
  11. OK Guys......need some more input. I just got back from my local Cummins dealer. The service writer tells me they can "test" my ECM to see if it's good or bad. Then he proceeds to tell me that 9 times out of 10 that if my truck runs (which it does) that it's NOT the ECM????? Like I posted earlier, my truck will just idle. Won't rev up. I told the service writer it's throwing the 0606 ECM failure code and he said it doesn't matter. He said it's probably something else. Should I even go back to get my ECM tested ? Is this Cummins service writer just being ignorant or what? What else would it be if it's throwing a 0606 ECM failure code? HELP.
  12. OK. This is an awesome information site! Thank You! Can you please explain the need to test for excessive AC noise from the alternator. I can see the "deer in the headlight look" when I ask my local auto parts store to test for this. Or is this something I can do?
  13. So with a "rebuilt" ECM, and If I install the ECM, will I still have to take my truck to the local Dodge dealer ? Will the Dodge dealer need to do anything else to the "rebuilt" ECM?
  14. Ok. Give me some reputable company names for rebuilt ECM's.
  15. OK. What's the best route to go with the ECM? New or rebuilt? Aftermarket? Factory OEM? Lots of info. on the interweb about ECM's and Dodge Cummins trucks.................Some people saying you can just get another ECM from a junk yard and have your Cummins dealer reflash it for your truck? Is any of this true? Just looking for the best route to go with the best dependability so I don't have to do this again......it's expensive. Give me some feedback please.
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