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  1. NorthernDodge


  2. NorthernDodge

    Center Console/Armrest

    Looks like it's different from truck to truck. My dad's truck (2014 Laramie Limited) has two USB ports. I'm pretty sure you can also buy flush mount USB ports and put them anywhere you want.
  3. NorthernDodge

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I hope they didn't go far with that. Not trying to turn this into a truck measuring contest, but in our immediate family we have a total of 7 Cummins powered Rams, and only one is an automatic. Also 3 more that are my dad's company trucks. If we got them all together it would look like a Ram commercial.
  4. With how many trucks have bedliner in the box without issue I would assume that if you prep it properly and put some good primer on it that you shouldn't have any issues, but I could be wrong.
  5. I would say stick with red, but the only green color I'm even close to liking is olive drab. If you want something more toned down how about the slightly darker metallic red?
  6. NorthernDodge

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    My truck and the company work truck after they both got a bath.
  7. NorthernDodge

    Android tablet in dash

    That's awesome, I'm not sure it's something I'd do because I like having the center vents, but still cool. Not having functional steering wheel radio controls is one thing I miss with a retrosound radio vs. stock, but having bluetooth and being able to answer the phone with one button makes it worth it.
  8. Little late to the party here, but if you want to get rid of some lift block you could also do a shackle flip kit.
  9. NorthernDodge

    Additional Fuel Tank

    We have friends that have had their cans stolen at the St. Anthony dunes in southern Idaho, thought about putting some water in some cheap cans and leaving them out.
  10. NorthernDodge

    Additional Fuel Tank

    I'd look at getting a fuel tank for the trailer. My dad's old toy hauler had one and it worked quite well, had a pump and hose with a nozzle that could be locked up so people couldn't steal your fuel. You wouldn't have to take it in and out of the bed every time that way either. I don't know where you would get a setup like that though, maybe ask around a few trailer/RV dealerships?
  11. I had the same setup as dripley, but I took all of the overloads out when I put airbags on.
  12. I don't what is causing your issue, but I do know that LEDs in housings built for halogen bulbs are usually a big no-no. They scatter light and blind oncoming drivers. The truck certainly does look better though.
  13. NorthernDodge

    Key fob and lights

    Mine don't flash either, the horn did honk but I turned that off because it was annoying me. I need to do what @JAG1 was describing too because my alarm goes off randomly.
  14. NorthernDodge

    Upgrading lights

    Looks good, those must be switchback bulbs?
  15. NorthernDodge

    Upgrading lights

    It's a strip of LED's intended to be a daytime running lights. Looking good @SilverMoose