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  1. Key fob and lights

    Mine don't flash either, the horn did honk but I turned that off because it was annoying me. I need to do what @JAG1 was describing too because my alarm goes off randomly.
  2. Upgrading lights

    Looks good, those must be switchback bulbs?
  3. Upgrading lights

    It's a strip of LED's intended to be a daytime running lights. Looking good @SilverMoose
  4. Wheels and Tire Setup

    Been gone for a while, sorry, but here's what I finally ended up going with. Siped 285/75R17 Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx tires with AEV wheels.
  5. Upgrading lights

    Only need one or the other, I went with a new flasher because it's easier. I haven't noticed any issues with the lights when towing a trailer, even of the trailer is still incandescent.
  6. Wheels and Tire Setup

    I've heard that too, but for some reason I had no issues, I'm guessing it's because I have the dana 80 in the back instead of a dana 70 like most.
  7. What do you guys run for wheels and tires? I'm finally ready to get some real tires so I can drive more confidently in the winter. I really like this setup, but I want to know what you guys think. I'd prefer narrower tires, wheels no bigger than 18 inches and I would like to keep the tires under the body as much as possible but also not rub. The 4th gen 18 inch takeoffs I currently have rub on the control arms so I think I'd need a little more offset/less backspacing.
  8. I tried this with vegetable oil and it seems to work just as well, and veggie oil is cheaper.
  9. Wheel question

    I've heard that too but they fit my truck just fine. It must be because I have a Dana 80 rear axle instead of a 70.
  10. I got a retro sound radio for my truck. It looks like it could be OEM but it has all of the new stuff like bluetooth and aux/usb ports. It is very nice quality wise as well but you pay for that quality. My biggest complaint is that it doesn't connect to the dimmer wire and the bright mode is too bright at night but the dim mode is not quite bright enough if the sun is shining right on it on a nice day.
  11. Wheel question

    Those must be Power Wagon wheels, they look good. I have the 18 inch 4th gen wheels and besides a little rubbing up front they seem to work fine. I have heard others say the hub wouldn't fit though as the newer wheels have most of the hubcap integrated into the wheel.
  12. 16x7 Dodge Ram Steel Chrome Wheels

    If you're interested I have the stock 16 inch alloy wheels with the hubcaps and a set of highway Michelins. Edit: Looked up New Meadows and you're about 5 1/2 hours South of me, not sure if that would be worth it.
  13. Yeah ya have to get the ones with the 2nd gen base, or do a lot of custom work. I got the old style with the new style lights and wired them up as marker lights, link to those. You can also get the new style with the corner light, link. Or if you want plug and play with the new style mirror you can get them without the corner light, link.
  14. 2 inch leveling kit

    Dunno, you might have to do something custom if you go that route. From what I read HERE and a few other places it sounds like there are two separate blocks and you could take one out to lose a little height in the rear.
  15. 2 inch leveling kit

    Here's a writeup on it from a different forum. And if you're leveling it just for the looks have you considered getting shorter blocks for the rear? Bringing up the front can hurt your fuel economy.