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  2. Cronus577

    Floating Gears

    I had him rebuild my NV4500, Put in an upgraded 1 3/8" input shaft and a fully splined output shaft to fix 5th gear. Trans got stuck in 5th gear twice a few days after I put it in, he told me if it kept happening to bring it over and he'll get it fixed. Not sure what the problem was but hasn't happened since and i've put 10k miles on it. Shifts smooth, no issues. And any questions that I had he responded super quickly. Would recommend him to anyone needing a rebuilt NV4500 or NV5600. He's also the one that makes these videos!
  3. I've got a silver 99 with compounds, stock 2001 24v in red and another stock 2001 in blue. I think I'm okay for now!
  4. Shoot, wouldn't take a lot lot more to get the cab torn down. I'm actually really liking that metallic red! Thanks for the suggestion From what some other people were saying. Bedlining the bottom half of the truck will retain moisture and cause the truck to rust underneath without knowing. Anybody know if that's true or not?
  5. Thanks, yeah would be gutting the truck and would have everything repainted when it comes to that time. I plan on completely restoring the truck from the ground up, powdercoating suspension parts and having the frame painted as well. Pretty much a 100% restoration when it's done.
  6. I have a 2001 ram 2500 sport edition that's currently red. I've been considering having it repainted due to the clear coat peeling on the hood and roof. I like the look of the red color but I absolutely love the forest green color. I also intend on bed lining the bottom part to prevent rock chips and I'm trying to find some pictures of the 2 colors with a black bed liner and cannot find any. This is my truck color right now and i'm leaning more towards the green sport look. Does anybody have any pictures of what i'm looking for or have any thoughts? I don't want to be a cop magnet but I want to have a nice looking truck, I'm just not sure how the bed liner will look on the red color.
  7. Cronus577

    S475 vs s472 Compounds

    I'm running a S475 / HX35W combo, I love it. Spools quick and it's a breeze with towing. I towed a trailer from NM to Washington state about 6 months back and rarely ever got over 1000*F. If you really want to run compounds right out of the gate you can, but if you ever want to switch turbos you'll have to find a new intermmediate hot pipe between the two turbos since the HX35 has a replacement exhaust elbow to meet up with the S475.
  8. Cronus577

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Hooray for getting southern trucks! My 1999 is completely rust free, was a Texas truck its whole life but man the dash was in bad condition when I picked it up. That sun beats them to hell.
  9. Cronus577

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Wouldn't be a bad place to start, But it's not as easy as you would think. The snap ring holding the compressor housing on is a huge pain in the @$$ to get on Took me and my buddy to get it back on. Can't speak for the Heath Diesel wheel but it looks good and it's cheaper than the Wicked Wheel 2. It also looks like it uses the newer 11 blade style which is cool. Would need to make sure you have all the necessary upgrades for fueling such as an aftermarket lift pump, some sort of boost fooler, and a turbo elbow to increase your boost levels before you'll see any notable changes in power, without a boost fooler it'll throw an overboost code and without the elbow you won't see anymore boost since the stock elbow will still open the wastegate at it's set amount. An aftermarket lift pump is required to keep your VP44 alive or you'll be looking at spending a lot more money than you anticipated.
  10. Cronus577

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Crazy Carl's Piping kit. I love it. I opted for a smaller exhaust housing on the S475 which was an extra $400. Haven't had any issues with it, spool up is quicker than stock with the billet compressor wheel on the HX35, even with "smaller" 7x.009 sac injectors (100hp), and low EGT's. I barely ever go over 900*F even at WOT having my Quadzilla backing it down to 50PSI. The only thing is I had to use a cutting wheel to get the 4" downpipe to fit properly and some of kit didn't agree with my BD 3 piece manifold so more cutting was required to make the heater core hoses fit. I honestly couldn't imagine having to tow without it. Made 2 trips from New Mexico to Washington and back from Washington to New Mexico. Straight shot 30+ hours of driving and the truck didn't hesitate at all, stayed right at 190* coolant temp the whole time, was a breeze cruising 80MPH with the 26' enclosed trailer completely loaded down with all my house furniture and my car. was right at 16,800GVW. Best yet unloaded I get 20-21MPG highway.
  11. Cronus577

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I have 3 trucks at the moment. My daily driver is my silver 1999 QCLB built 5 speed, compound turbo setup. Currently selling it if anyone is interested. All major work has been done to it. Awesome long trip driver and tow rig. Right at 365k miles. Every cylinder still had the factory crosshone when I did the head gasket, perfect looking pistons, no cracks and now blowby. My second is my 2001 is a QCSB 4x4 Auto, current state of it right now, cleaning the carpets, just ordered an LMC dash to put in it and get everything 100% in the cab Third is my wife's 2001 QCSB 4x4 Auto, has a bad VP44 so will probably swap the red truck's VP44 over to the blue truck and P7100 pump the red truck, not sure yet because I LOVE the Quadzilla Adrenaline
  12. Cronus577

    NV4500 rebuilders

    Cody Albrecht from Super Stick Transmissions rebuilt mine. A lot of people recommend him on other pages. He was nice enough to send me a transmission and let me drop my core off once I had the new one in. Cody Albrecht's Facebook
  13. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    @IBMobile thanks bud, just ran to AutoZone and got one of the caps, $11 and some change your save my hands from cuts and some 4 letter words. Traveling from Washington to Texas tomorrow so let's see how that goes
  14. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Lol just found one randomly and thought "Send it!"? Haha. Will definitely try to find a vented cap soon, honestly would rather not try to deal with the vent itself. Will drill a hole in mine now just as a temp fix
  15. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Haha I know all too well of being wrong all the time. On the last 2 hours of the drive and she feels great. I'm at 16,210lbs gvw and these compounds keep me right at 900-1000f for my EGTs pulling a 6% grade for 6 miles. Extremely impressed with towing for 40 hours straight