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  1. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    @IBMobile thanks bud, just ran to AutoZone and got one of the caps, $11 and some change your save my hands from cuts and some 4 letter words. Traveling from Washington to Texas tomorrow so let's see how that goes
  2. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Lol just found one randomly and thought "Send it!"? Haha. Will definitely try to find a vented cap soon, honestly would rather not try to deal with the vent itself. Will drill a hole in mine now just as a temp fix
  3. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Haha I know all too well of being wrong all the time. On the last 2 hours of the drive and she feels great. I'm at 16,210lbs gvw and these compounds keep me right at 900-1000f for my EGTs pulling a 6% grade for 6 miles. Extremely impressed with towing for 40 hours straight
  4. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Yes sir, well Puyallup, haven't been calculating MPG right now but not good having to fill up every 2 hours. Was going to add up all the receipts and calculate MPG that way using our route. But I actually feel a HUGE difference in not only power & torque, lower EGTs, quicker turbo spooling, and lower canbus fueling numbers after I unscrewed the fuel cap. I was using 5th until I hit California and they have a 55mph max towing speed, plus their highways are bumpy and destroyed. So I think the issue has been resolved. First idle torque taking off went from having to run 1500 rpm and slowly engage The clutch to being able to start to pull this trailer up a hill from a stop without touching the throttle, thanks a ton @Mopar1973Man@dripley and @JAG1 been dealing with this issue for around 2 years thinking it was the VP. Kind of mind boggling something like a tank vent come cause such significant issues to performance., Iwould have never thought about the tank vent ever causing this big an issue but thank you guys so much! Now I can teach my wife how to drive a manual and this dual disk clutch thanks y'all as well!
  5. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Currently driving from West Texas to Seattle Washington, well res test out as soon as I fill up for the 8th time Just drill my own hole or buy a vented cap? I'll unscrew the cap for now and see if there is any difference. I'll look at the vent tomorrow after I get to Washington at around 5 am. This 32 hour drive non stop is for the birds, can't complain though I made myself a good setup
  6. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Could that be why the truck feels weak? And is it an easy fix it does the bed need to come off?
  7. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    New S475, New hx35 core. Both spins freely. Crazy Carl's twin turbo piping with new filter, everything is nice and tight, could be the tank vent, it gasps for air when I take off the cap to fill up. Fuel lines are the (half inch I believe) from the Fass 150 kit
  8. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    1st gear take offs on hills sucks lol. Traveling half way across the country 3 times this week
  9. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    It's just on stock standard_fuel right now, so can't do that
  10. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    Pulm VP? I can check compression once I'm done moving but that will be a week or more from now and after I buy a compression checker which isn't readily available unfortunately
  11. Cronus577

    Weak VP44?

    I'm thinking it's right about time to replace it, I don't know if it's the stock VP with now 357k miles on it or if it's a reman. Just seems like for my setup I should feel more power and not be so laggy, im only pushing 5-10 lbs of boost below 2k rpm and then it shoots up to 50+ but anything on the low end is laggggggy I doubt I have a boost leak, all boots and clamps have been replaced, and everything in the engine bay has been double checked for tightness
  12. Just finished an 8 hour drive and I'm noticing my truck is lacking power at operating temperature, used to have no issues with taking off in 2nd when I had a FASS DDRP and stock injectors but now it struggles taking off in first while at operating temps. *My fuel pressure at idle used to be around 9-10 at WOT it would drop to 0. This was when I first got the truck and knew nothing about it a few years ago now I have a FASS 150 with a sump and the gauge sits at 15psi and 14psi under WOT*. But I ran it like that for a couple of months just thinking above 0 was good enough. Fast forward to knowing what I know now, I'm pretty certain that I've damaged it and now I've got a weak VP44 but I don't have any codes or a CEL. All mods are in my signature, my iQuad shows my timing is moving properly as far as I know, it doesn't seem stuck or anything, no hard start issues. Thoughts? Replace it or just send it? On another note, the sluggish take offs could be map sensor related, but I see full sweep of 0 to 57 on the iquad while getting up to operating temps with plenty of power and my ISSPRO gauge can verify but when it's fully warmed up I get about 0 to 45 on the map sensor while the ISSPRO will still read 50+
  13. Cronus577

    Sorry but not sorry Mopar1973Man

    @015point9 im still pondering the reserve, free cross train into cyber security, keep my tricare for the wife and I, extra $300 a month, doesn't sound like such a bad deal. Especially since I wouldn't have to pay for school!
  14. Well, today is my final day of active duty military. Served my 6 years as AMMO and getting out to go to school and persue a career in IP Security. As my parting gift, my flight made me this, 105MM shell that I hope @Mopar1973Man doesn't get mad at me for or trademarks. I've always been known to go to work from 7-3 go straight to the auto shop from 3-8, never taking a lunch break to work on the truck. I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S
  15. Cronus577

    Rear main seal replacement

    Don't get an OEM Cummins rear main seal, did that 2 weeks ago and it didn't seal. Went to O'Riley's and got a felpro seal and the bracket gasket for around $40 and it came with the seal driver to get it flush. The Felpro gasket sealed perfectly, haven't had any issues in 1k miles. Orange is the New Cummins seal and black is the Felpro