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  1. I just recharged my AC in my 01' after I had a compressor failure and replaced every system component. If the AC system has been taken apart the accumulator will need to be replaced as well due to moisture saturating the desiccate. You must add sp-20 (Pag 100) oil to the replaced system components. Accumulator: 2oz. Condenser: 1oz. Evaporator: 2oz. Whole AC system: 6.2 oz. Vacuum down the system to 500 micron or 29.9 inHG for an hour to remove moisture, turn pump off and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour and check for system leaks. If the system doesn't leak proceed with charging with 32oz pure R134A. I used Johnsen's 134a Keep an eye on your pressures as this would tell you everything you need to know if your system is working properly. If your pressures are within spec, take off the blend door actuator and turn the door by hand and see if that changes anything. AC System pressures Manifold gauges and a vacuum can be rented from and auto parts store, but it cost me $333 to rent from O'rilleys. You can get a vacuum pump and manifold gauge kit on amazon for $80.
  2. I thought about it, maybe in the future, just don't have the funds for it atm
  3. I just had mind rebuilt by bluetop and it's awesome. Took out a ton of play in my steering. Now I'm sitting on a core if anyone needs one to send off and have rebuilt. I couldn't have any down time on my truck so i sourced a core and had it rebuilt and swapped it in
  4. If your truck is a 2001 or 2002 4x4 I would recommend upgrading to the third gen brakes. Made a huge difference in braking in my 01
  5. Cronus577


  6. Here's how mine looked at 355k miles. Kind of blurry but still has factory crosshatching. I couldn't believe how clean the inside of this engine was
  7. Is there a specific type of u-joint for each part, such as the front axle needs x type and the driveshaft needs y type or are they the same throughout the truck?
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for some recommendations on what ball joints U joints and wheel bearings I should get. It's for a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins. It has the drum brakes in the rear so I'm assuming it's the 2 wheel ABS for the wheel bearings. Just looking for something good that's not going to fail in 5k miles. And the ball joints I don't care if they're greasable or not. I've been hearing Moog has gone downhill and pretty much avoid them for the balljoints and if i'm not mistaken i've seen mopar1973man recommend duralast but I was looking them up and it appears they are manufactured by Federal mogul as well, so kinda thrown off on what brands I should go with. And as far as U-joints go, is there really any specific brand that stands out? TL;DR Which Ball joint, wheel bearing, and U-joints are going to be the best to replace the worn out stock stuff
  9. Hes just testing different diff covers and documenting it. I don't believe he's trying to sell anything, so is he allowed to say names?
  10. Detail king's plastic restoration should be exactly what you're looking for. They seem to have pretty top of the line products. Been meaning actually get some myself
  11. I have a remanufactured box on the truck right now and it's 3 1/4 turn and i don't think I like it as much as the stock 4 turn. Seems like I'm having to play with the wheel too much driving on the highway
  12. I'm on the search for a core, I can't afford any down time on my. Did you happen to get the 4 turn ratio or the quick 3 1/4 turn ratio?
  13. Banks put out a video on Youtube Dec. 10th saying their dyno caught fire while they were filming part 3 of their diff cover video series. Hopefully they get everything fixed and release some data.
  14. Funny you should post this because Im going through the exact same thing right now on my 01.
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