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  1. Welp, that lasted quick. Down on boost and up on EGT's. What the heck? Bad filter? So, it went back in the box on the shelf for the dually and the '01 gets a new filter and old air box. I made sure the elbow was not restricted in any way, yet? Some times ya just gotta use oem
  2. Installed my new filter today, fits good. It didn't help my turbo whine tho, same as before. This new turbo is quiet The exhaust brake rumble might be just a tad louder. Looks like my oem was working good, compressor wheel is still shinny. It was due tho, 1 year and 24k miles of a lot of dirt roads.
  3. Read this link. https://www.rme4x4.com/threads/bullet-proof-dodge-steering-upgrade.78067/
  4. I tried two Napa/Haden fan clutches, neither one worked right. Slow to unlock and slow to lock. Wait till you tow something on a hot day, that will tell the tale. Went back to Mopar, all is well.
  5. That area is called the Narrows, and yes it is a nice drive. That lava flow is huge. The Bandera Volcano it came from has a huge crater. It is a national park and you can walk up the mountain and look at it. We did when we were younger, tough climb.
  6. That route also bypasses the Arizona port, Lol I use it quite often. Also due East of Quemado to Socorro to Roswell into Texas. No New Mexico scales at all that way. Some of the roads are on the slow side but that gets good fuel mileage How did you like the Salt River Canyon? Lots of tough pulls from the Phoenix area, no matter what route you take, the 60, 260 or I-17.
  7. Dang, you been busy, that's a lot of miles in 1.5 years. I saw you in Holbrook, AZ about a year ago towing a boat. Where is your head gasket leaking? I did mine at 258k, 6 years ago, 364k miles now. I used Fel-Pro and reused the oem bolts. This quote from another thread,, may or may not apply. http:// Posted April 17 On 4/16/2021 at 7:18 AM, Mopar1973Man said: Ok... Finally blown the head gasket. NIsaacs said: I call that a leaking head gasket, not blown. Blown is a fire ring gone. I doubt your turbo had anything to do with the leak. High rpm/coolant pressur
  8. I think this guy has quality seals. https://piratejack.net/hydro-boost-rebuild-kits/
  9. Here is a link to Fleetguard, spendy and 2-3 week order times. Napa is about $65 my cost. PS: it is 11.88"x10.5" w/4" id. https://www.simplyfilter.com/AIRHOUSING-p/ah1139.htm
  10. I went ahead and placed an order for the Napa #6469 w/air housing, flows 470 cfm. They are somewhat hard to come by, closest one was Texas. It is the one I use on my Ford conversion. Napa had the open style in stock but was hesitant about heat and debris exposure. AH64ID, (he knows filters) thought it was a good choice.
  11. I have often wondered about this. On level 3 my filter minder pulls down some. I did some research before, to try and use the 4" (3rd gen/4th gen) but it wont fit my box. This thread got me looking again. Per Wix, the only company I could find CFM specs for, says the 2" filter for my truck is only 140 cfm. It don't give a CFM for the 4". Yet, the '91 factory filter, similar to a BHAF is 450 cfm. For a '93 (they changed it some) 290 The small BHAF is 425 and the large one is 680. I never really wanted a BHAF but...... What say the experts
  12. Any idea why the engine quit? Maybe more going on than just the head gasket?
  13. I call that a leaking head gasket, not blown. Blown is a fire ring gone. I doubt your turbo had anything to do with the leak. High rpm/coolant pressure is more likely. Cummins designs the water pump for a 2500 rpm engine. Then Dodge pumps that up to 3100+, the head gasket fails on the right front corner. Note the area in pink on the picture, 4 cyl. but 6 is the same. That hole is the thermostat bypass port. That little narrow section of silicone bead fails. If the heater core is partially plugged and or the thermostat is closed, this location can get a lot of coolant pressure at h
  14. For daily carry, I prefer a (.38) J frame/hammerless Smith. For home protection, several hand guns and Hi-Point 995TS Carbine in 9mm.
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