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  1. Most 8 bolt wheel axles are 6-7k with a 6 bolt on the 5200 lbs axle. All are 3" tubes, some may have a thicker tube wall. Do the other two axles have brakes? That's good the Dodge wheels will fit, my '01 is wrong for a trailer.
  2. Nothing sounds as good as an old 275 with the back draft manifold. I had one turned up to a 320 that would stand fire about 12" out the stack. The first time I saw the glow in my mirror, I got goosebumps! This was in a '65 off highway KW that had a log loader mounted on it. It originally was an old South West Forest log truck that they hauled logs into their McNary, Arizona saw mill. This old guy out of Jerome, AZ has one in a '47 KB12 IH, cool video. Part 1 talks about him building it. He has 20 acres of antiques. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UB4jxD1cEs PT. one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyT073WNUwI
  3. I feel good everyday, 400 hp is not required. FYI, the dyno sheets are on level 5, I still have level 6 (hot unlock)…. 2001 ETH/DEE factory 6 spd/1-3/8" input shaft. My HO pump is factory original. I have no problem with high RPM's when needed, such as uphill acceleration with a heavy load. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHRZMA3Gsfk
  4. Make sure the Dodge wheels will fit before you buy tires for them. I think the 1st gen will work but 2nd gen and later wont. The offset will cause the tire to hit the spring/frame before they seat on the hub.
  5. Okay, that helps. You said a 3 axle so I assumed you needed 6. What do you have on it now and how have they held up? Do you haul often or heavy? Before ST arrived, I always used LT take offs from my dually, then install new on the truck. Since I bought the '01 Dodge I didn't have the right size so I started buying ST's. I have used a bunch over the years and have really not had any luck with 10 ply. I haul heavy and often. Keep in mind mounting cost. I did buy a set of 12 ply Carlisle tires and they were doing good when I sold my Big Tex dump. I had a lot of heavy loads on it. I bought them from Simple Tire and mounted them myself. It took me a long time of failures before I would cough up $200 per tire, gasp I am a slow learner sometimes, Lol.
  6. I have used my share of China Bombs in ST trailer tires. What I have found is that the cheaper they are the shorter the life span, some to the point they will blow out on the spare rack or even on the trailer axle. If you can buy 6 tires for $320, I would pass. Here are some pictures of my oem Gladiators that my last 2 Load Trail, trailers had, both sets are less than 3 years old. First one is separating and the second blew out sitting. I have replaced both sets with Hercules 14 ply all steel H-901. One set is ST @4400 lbs rated and one set is LT @ 3750 rated. The ST's are $200 each and the LT's are $215. I also moved up from 235/80Rx16 to 235/85R16.
  7. The top half is bigger. Also, here is a picture of my worn out sender.
  8. NIsaacs


  9. That's a big "if". Seals in general, only seal one way. Some may have a small dust lip but it wont keep out water. When you keep a vehicle a long time and drive it as many miles as Mike and I do, water contamination will rear it's ugly head. Maybe not today, tomorrow or next week, but trust me, it will show up. Ball joints, unit bearings and tie rods to name a few, not counting axles, u-joints and t-case. The water crossing in the picture looked deep enough to even submerge the starter/solenoid. A warm component seems to create a vacuum when they encounter an instant cold water bath.
  10. Your air filter is probably fine but I would for sure, check your gear boxes for water.
  11. $56.00 here: https://www.genosgarage.com/product/filter-3944961/engine-replacement-parts-2
  12. Are you missing a soft plug on the front of the head, or does it just look that way?
  13. What are you going to use for a trailer? The one pictured appears to be a 7k GVW, too small for a 10k load.
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