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  1. Napa Gold/Wix filters and whatever 15/40 is on sale. Currently using Travelers from Tractor Supply, $7.00 a gallon in 5 gallon buckets. I have 7 diesel powered vehicles, they all get the same stuff.
  2. It looks like cost is not a real big issue due to low miles traveled (140k) For me it is, plus mostly they are towing miles. I use 15/40 diesel engine oil, 326k original tranny. I would not use any ATF. I also never overfill. I change every 36K miles. Keep it clean and full and these trannys go a long time. Any ATF+4 for the t-case is fine. Be sure and pull the fill plug first and make sure it is not overfull or discolored by tranny oil. The biggest down fall of any manual tranny with 4x4 is running them low, due to leakage into the t-case. On a 4x2 any leak from the tranny is obvious.
  3. I agree. If the op can haul that flatbed truck with a gasser, he don't need any help with do's and don'ts, he has it handled. OP, I hauled this load out of Clay Center, Kansas, 2148 miles round trip. I got 14.6 mpg over with empty trailer and 10.6 on the return. These old Dodge trucks get'er done.
  4. Some good info here on a 4x2 swap. https://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/mission-g56-pictures.221115/
  5. A small SUV can tow that 2k trailer. Your truck won't even know it is there. Take your trip and relax, you will be fine.
  6. I would check the condition of the tranny and t-case oil. Pull the drain plug and let a dab out. Normally, if a carrier bearing goes bad it will seize and spin in the rubber cushion.
  7. I agree. My temps are over 500 at idle when I use it for warm up. On a 5 mile 6% down grade, heavy load and high RPM mine is more like 800.
  8. Thank you for the pictures and info. I have one that is 2 years old, so some day I will need this rebuild info. I think mine has a 4 year warranty. When it goes, I might need to up grade to the next size.
  9. It might seem big but the overall size of the filter is small, so not much surface area. It is also on the suction side of the lift pump, not much vacuum produced v/s pressure.
  10. I agree, I would go with the Napa 3270 and see if that helps.
  11. Are you using this type of filter? Note the micron rating, 141, it is just a screen some are actual filters that may be too fine. https://www.napaonline.com/en/search?text=3270&q=N%3D2500660%26Nty%3D1%26Ntk%3DKeyword%26Ntt%3D3270&isProduct=true&indices=PIA Such as this one, it is 3/8" but has a filter v/s just a screen, it is for gas only. They come in metal too, just like the top one so they can confuse you. https://www.napaonline.com/en/search?text=3003&q=N%3D1000016000%26Nty%3D1%26Ntk%3DKeyword%26Ntt%3D3003&isProduct=true&indices=PIA FYI, I did not have any luck with the DDRP, lasted less than a summer.
  12. You might consider the direct mount Raptor pump, they claim no pre filter needed. Quick video of a cool start of the day, 36* overnight. This is with RV injectors with 290k miles, installed in '03, 326k miles on the original VP, Edge Juice set on level 2 (tow mode). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioah3CXPVmI
  13. Are you using something like this? https://www.genosgarage.com/product/na-33007-inlinefuelfilter/fuel-filters If you are I would guess that is your problem. As far as wind chill having an affect on fuel, I don't think so. Only warm blooded animals/people.
  14. I would pull your fan belt off and try it. The belt tensioner can knock when they get bad.
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