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  1. What did he replace the module with, oem or aftermarket, such as Vulcan? There are slots in the outer sleeve with screws threaded in the inner portion. I think it is shipped with the two pieces collapsed and the screws tight. Maybe he installed it that way and now it does not reach the bottom of the tank?? The Vulcan does not have the screws, it is an open design.
  2. Isn't that your second one now? I am always amazed at all the gearbox problems that I see on the Cummins forums that I frequent. My '91 D-250 (332k miles) original.....'01 2500 4x4 (356k miles) one seal kit.....'74 Ford with '76 Dodge motorhome box ( no clue on miles) one seal kit. If you keep the fluid flushed and clean, the hard parts just don't wear out. Seal kit from Napa is about $20.
  3. I bought a Big Red from TSC a few years ago when it was on sale. It works for me. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/big-red-40-in-rugged-plastic-creeper?cm_vc=-10005
  4. I see you have a Ford and Cummins conversion section.
  5. Yes, I indicated that it was a straight forward repair until you get into bearings and shims. That's when it becomes complex, difficult and time consuming. New carrier bearings need bearing preload checked, you can't do that without pulling the pinion out. Now you have more bearings and shims to deal with. It is a domino effect. Bearings can be run slightly loose, but not over tight at all. Without knowing.....is my point. Wow, that bearing was toast. Makes you wonder now, huh?
  6. Did you get new u-bolts, if so, what size? What part number springs? The 34-1335HD appear to be what you have? Six leaf v/s oem 4 leaf. They are $225 each. Let us know how the ride is. They look beefy. I went with 5/8's when I worked on my suspension. The original are kinda undersized and were rotten where they passed through the bottom axle clamp. It is a catch all for mud/water. https://www.autoandtrucksprings.com/1994-2002-dodge-ram-2500/3500-2wd-8800-gvw-and-greater-heavy-duty-rear-leaf-spring-34-1335hd/ Did you check/replace pini
  7. Since the box is a recon, that would be suspect. I don't think the hydro can block anything. I assume the pump is new, not recon.
  8. I agree. When did you change it last and with what? Normally, when a Trac-Loc wears out the clutch's, you just have an open diff, no unusual operation. If you are getting clutch chatter when you turn, an oil change is in order. Generally, this only happens when the axle has been run and is warm. Cold, they rarely show any unusual activity. If you do rebuild the clutch's, be sure and get a complete rebuild kit, including center pin, axle gears and spider gears. Like this: https://torqueking.com/product/40430/qu40430-dana-80-trac-lok-dana-inner-differential-parts-overhaul
  9. Can you tell if the slop is the bearing or just the rubber cushion? They are prone to rot away. The cushion is available separate. https://www.napaonline.com/en/search?text=center%2Bsupport%2Bbearing&referer=semantic&se=1#
  10. The only free manual I could find is this 1995 Ford Class A owner manual. It might help some. circuit breakers are on page 155. Fuel pump feed is #18 and or possibly #13. fuses on page 147 The pages are off by about 3 or 4 so you have to think outside the box to find them https://www.manualslib.com/products/Ford-Class-A-Chassis-3114896.html
  11. I think Isspro will have the larger adapter fitting. You would need to drill it out and tap the next size, 1/4" if yours is 1/8". I doubt a pipe plug will seal either so that is out. If it would, you could drill another small hole for the adapter fitting you have. Pipe thread is tapered so you have to be careful and not go too deep with the tap. The deeper you go the bigger the threads. Fixing the hole you have with a larger one might be best so you don't drill another one.
  12. Can you take a picture of the fitting and thermocouple? Is it this type? https://www.genosgarage.com/product/isspro-658sht/isspro-gauge-accessories If so, the fitting should be 1/8" NPT and should snug up with a turn or two.
  13. Not bad at all! I might have beat that tho Made a round trip from home (Snowflake, AZ) to Mesa, AZ to pickup this trailer for my son, 7300 lbs. 340 miles, 21.5 gal=15.81 mpg. Keep in mind, this route is some of the worst ever. My home is 5800' elevation, I climb to 7800' then descend to 1500' with several mountain ranges along the way, with miles and miles of 6-7% grades....then turn around and climb back up the mountain with the trailer....
  14. I reused mine as well, torqued to 120 lbs, with a Napa/Fel-Pro gasket. No retorque, 5 years and 100k miles ago.
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