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  1. Thanks for the extra info about the thrust bearings, I didn't have a clue. Who or what is PPD or PDD? How does the k27 sound on the intake side, good spool whistle, LOL?
  2. No problem, only reason I knew about it, is, I have been looking at them because of the direct mount e-brake. I have also been looking at this one, it does have the 5 bolt adapter and is also a stock type direct bolt in. https://www.dieselautopower.com/s200gx-e-dodge-ram-upgrade-turbo-12769880001 Greg, it sounds like you are more than satisfied with the K27, that is good info to know. I don't know much about turbo's, so I read all the threads on them, so I only buy once. They both sound good for up to 400 hp, my max output.
  3. It does have the 3" v-band clamp outlet for the exhaust brake but not the 5 bolt adapter. https://www.dieselautopower.com/borg-warner-k27-turbocharger-53279880001
  4. NIsaacs

    You have a tuner... NO WARRANTY.

    Thanks, I feel better now. I have seen your work, so I know a warranty would be a no brainer for you. I totally understand, anything related to a tuner, would be nil, as it should be.
  5. NIsaacs

    You have a tuner... NO WARRANTY.

    Why would you shoot yourself in the foot? That might work in Denver with the huge customer base, but not here in small town USA, where you need repeat customers and word of mouth to grow your business. Case in point: There are numerous repair items that have nothing to do with a tuner, such as a water pump or alternator. Yet, most vendors offer a lifetime warranty on those items. Does your blanket warranty still apply? And if so, how do you explain/justify your stand to the customer?
  6. NIsaacs

    You have a tuner... NO WARRANTY.

    That works for me...90% huh?
  7. NIsaacs

    You have a tuner... NO WARRANTY.

    I don't think this is front page news, IF, the repair can be related to the tuner. What about unrelated tuner repairs, does the above apply in your shop?
  8. NIsaacs

    Cummins vs Powerstroke Diesels

    You will need to do better than that....
  9. NIsaacs

    Cummins vs Powerstroke Diesels

    What part or parts you talking about?
  10. It don't take much power when you side step the clutch at 3k rpm, in about 3rd gear 4x4...was that the big input shaft?
  11. I am thinking with those numbers, you have 3.55's.
  12. You need to find out what/why it is ingesting foreign objects. Is your air filter being eaten alive? You may have intercooler/engine damage.
  13. No problem pepsi, I have no doubt you can drive where you are needed.
  14. Apples and oranges, we are not talking about the same thing. You make deliveries that are designed to receive them, with a big truck. We are talking pickups and small trailers making deliveries in 1/4 acre lots. If you recall, I said you need room to swing your truck, than all is good (270*). I also said, if you don't have that swing room, the bumper pull is better. This is a physical fact. This is what I am talking about: Apple trees on the left and evergreen trees on the right. Note the fence on my left, at the start of the video. I have a 9'6" gate I need to back my 8'6" trailer though, down a narrow drive with grow boxes on both sides. Just as the truck inters the gate, I need to steer the trailer at a 45* angle off the driveway so I don't dump on it. This is at the last grow box on one side and another apple tree on the other. I did make this delivery with my gooseneck. With my bumper pull, I would not have needed to pick apples with my windshield, it would have followed my pickup in a much shorter arc, Fact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISWqvyoh3Ng
  15. Yes, a gooseneck pulls better and backs better than a bumper pull, I agree on that. However, when push comes to shove and there is no working room for your tow vehicle, the bumper pull is better. Physically and scientifically, this is a true story. It takes a lot of front end swing to steer a gooseneck, only a small amount will steer a bumper pull, due to the swing of the trucks rear overhang. What happens with a gooseneck when you make a sharp 90* turn? It cheats like crazy, bumper pull only cheats a little. The trucks tail swing will steer the trailer and help it follow the truck. It is this action that makes a bumper pull "tail wag the dog issue" that the gooseneck wont do because it don't steer the truck, like a bumper pull can. If I have to back down a tree lined or railroad tie lined narrow drive way, that is long and crooked, give me a bumper pull. I can almost take a bumper pull dump trailer where my pickup will go, not so with a gooseneck.