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  1. That's what I used for years in my Ford dually when it was a gasser. The Cummins is gear drive, Holset 8.5 cfm air cooled. When I need portable air I have one of these. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200660640_200660640
  2. You did good, I only got 220k on my radiator. It was my bad, I only changed coolant once in that time. I replaced it with a Spectra also. I have since changed the coolant twice in 110k miles. What is your take on the difference in cooling capacity going from two large cores to 3 smaller cores with the same total core thickness? The early 2nd gens were 3 core and when they changed out the radiator for a 2 core the performance went down. My oem was a two core, the Spectra I installed was a two core. I am looking at a three core but hate to not improve from my two core. Also, for some reason when I try to post, an ad gets in the way. Why is that? I have to jump threads to get rid of it because it covers my post button.
  3. Did you go with the upgrade input shaft? I would also take a good look at the supplied clutch release bearing, some are not up to the task of a long wearing twin disk. Southbend finally upgraded to Aetna bearings. SKF is also good stuff. https://www.aetnabearing.com/products/aetna-clutch/clutch-release-bearing-assembly/
  4. How did you manage that? Are you going to share? A good single is about $600 w/flywheel and a twin is about a grand.
  5. Just slide it into two gears, 2nd and 4th and that locks the output shaft.
  6. No, overdrive (6th) is inside the case, better support and it is a bigger tougher tranny all around. The issue with the NV4500 is 5th gear is outside the main case. So any slight bearing slack on the counter shaft or main shaft, one or both 5th gears can tip slightly, the mismatch causes tooth breakage. The 5th gear nut issue is caused by the angle cut gears always forcing the 5th gear against the nut, under torque. The bottom, matching counter shaft gear is only held on by a snap ring, but the angle cut gear is forced toward the case so it don't fall off like the top gear can. The NV4500 weighs 200#, the NV5600 is 360#.
  7. GAmes (TDR) went through 12 of 'em. Running a G-56 now. https://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/why-does-my-nv4500-always-die.266177/#post-2580990 Link on his install: https://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/221115-Mission-G56-(pictures)?highlight=mission G56
  8. Per Quad 4x4, TDR issue 44 page 142, one of the most frequent transmission failures, is due to misalignment of the input shaft drive gear with the countershaft driven gear, when the pilot bearing fails. I assume because of the angle cut gears, it only takes a slight amount of misalignment to cause havoc. They also point out, that if the thrust bearing is loose on the input shaft, that the in and out movement will damage a pilot bearing or input shaft nose. So yes, both possibilities exist. Good Call Mike and KATOOM with your in depth thinking. I will be watching and learning on this thread. They also claim, the oem bearing kit is the only way to go. That aftermarket kits are not up to the task. See Tech Note 2: in this link. https://torqueking.com/product/10005/qu10005-1997-2005-complete-nv4500-bearing-and-seal-kit-for-dodge/ KATOOM, since you as such a thinker, do you care to comment on your lube comments?
  9. I wouldn't, that should be some fine oil. I think Mike's report on the pilot bearing is spot on.
  10. The FSM says 280#, I go to 450#. I use the 3/4 drive nut wrench with my 150# and a 3' pipe. https://torqueking.com/product/882036/qt2036-3-4-drive-mainshaft-nut-wrench-quadtool/
  11. I would guess the pilot bearing pocket in the flywheel was machined too large or the Chinese bearing was slightly small. I would also guess that since 5th and reverse both have problems that there is a major issue with the counter shaft bearings. I dread the day my 6 spd wears out.
  12. If you upgrade the disk hub, Mobil 50 or not, you will get noise. My tranny was quiet too, with my stock clutch. Your clutch looks like a plain jane 13125 (13" x 1.250" spline) stock type Luk. Better than the 12.3" it was born with, but not much. With your power level I would move up some. I would guess that clutch to be rated about 400/800. You need one in the 450/900 range+
  13. That's pretty good for a stock type clutch disk and your power level. I went with a stage one upgrade when I did mine. It is a little noisy at an idle with gear rollover. It will be interesting to see what the tranny looks like. Picture of my stage one clutch disk (Sachs) and oem flywheel.
  14. Interstate-McBee for Cummins #4932124 @ $13.08 and #3942915 @ $9.00. https://usdieselparts.com/i-21260592-oil-cooler-gasket-3942914-93-03-dodge-5-9l-b-series-12v-or-isb-with-vp44.html?ref=category:778633 https://usdieselparts.com/i-21260591-oil-cooler-gasket-3942915-93-03-dodge-5-9l-b-series-12v-or-isb-with-vp44.html?ref=category:778633 Or if you want genuine Cummins, $40.00 https://picclick.com/Cummins-ISB-Encore-STORM-Oil-Cooler-Gasket-SET-191824827293.html Or Napa/Mahle $47.49: https://www.napaonline.com/en/search/engines-parts-gaskets/gaskets-seals-engine/auto-parts/dodge_truck/ram_2500_3_4_ton_-_pickup/2001?q=N%3D2500010%2B2601003%2B5002000%2B5002200%2B200220100%2B10200100%2B402203300%2B599999900%2B50450200%2B50499900%2B50600700%2B50699900%2B2804007%26Ns%3DP_CatScatSequence10_3&referer=PLP&leftNav=leftNav Mahle GS33913 @ $36.49 https://cppdiesel.com/mahle-gs33913-oil-cooler-kit-dodge-trk-5-9l-isb-24v-cummins-1998-02/
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