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  1. Pretty sure I saw your truck today, Sunday, 10/18/20 about 12:30 PM in Holbrook, Arizona!! You were headed West bound, in town, towing a boat, I was pulling out of the 76 station.
  2. How does your exhaust brake mount? I assume it is a direct turbo mount. If it is like this one, you will need the stock type turbo with the 5 bolt exhaust flange. This one should work in aftermarket. https://www.dieselautopower.com/s200gx-e-dodge-ram-upgrade-turbo-12769880001 Or a rebuild kit for your your stock turbo. https://www.dieselautopower.com/holset-genuine-hx35-rebuild-kit-3575169
  3. Appears to be legal. https://edgeproducts.com/shop/2001-2002-dodge-24-v-ez-5-9l
  4. More-fun-with-math, humm, Loren, gonna need some help here... But, I think the difference between 3.55 and 3.73 gears is about 5% or about 100 rpm or about 3.5 mph @70. $1500 for a 5% bump in performance? The oem power of the HO is 245/505...add 5%...that gives a new rating of 257/530. My guess is the butt dyno wont feel it. The Edge EZ adds 65/180...so now the oem power jumps up to 310/685, you will feel that The EZ also claims a mileage increase of 1-2 mpg. When your 245's wear out you can drop to 225's that is about 3.5%
  5. Yes, don't even consider doing away with the 19.5 commercial tires with your overhead camper. To re-gear for $1500 from 3.55 to 3.73 will only give you a slight bump in performance. For $472 you could install an Edge EZ and walk all over a gear change as far as cost, simplicity and performance. Changing out your oem (low milage) set of gears, (they last forever) and taking a chance on a fubar gear changer is a big risk. Dana axles are the worst axle for re-gearing, unless you are an expert at the trade. They don't grow on trees. I have rebuilt a bunch of them (Dana's) n
  6. I get these at Napa, I use the 351002. What are you using for fluid? https://www.napaonline.com/en/search?text=power%2Bsteering%2Bfilter&q=N%3D2500007%2B2600705%2B2800778%2B10200100%2B5002000%2B5002200%2B200220100%2B108601800%26Nty%3D1%26Score%3D0.78&referer=PLP&leftNav=leftNav
  7. Yes, and you can use it for flush if you don't like it. Mine takes one gallon @ $9.69 per gallon, so you aren't out much. I do have Valvoline 50w synthetic manual transmission fluid in my Ford w/Clark 5spd. I tried it in my NV5600 but I didn't like it. It seemed like it was too slippery and the synchro's were not liking it. I really wanted to switch over to it for everything but since the '01 didn't like it I quit using it. The '91 liked it too but my Dodge Neon did not. I used the whole 5 gallons switching everything over. Spicer even tells you to not use synthetic on some of thei
  8. I agree. I bought my truck ('01) in '03 with 34k on it and changed the oil with Penzoil Synchromesh, I didn't like it, so when I changed it again I used 15w/40 engine oil, the same thing I was/am running in my '91 w/Getrag. I now have 350k on the '01, 330k on the '91. I change all gear boxes every 36k miles except the front axle, it goes 100k per change. My thoughts on some builders that say overfill, is, they get a tranny that shows lack of oil, damage. What they don't know, is, how many owners has the tranny had that may have let it get low or poor maintenance. If you keep it cle
  9. Eaton/Clark transmission service manual says this: "REFILL - First, removal all dirt around the filler plug, Then refill with new oil of a grade recommended for the existing season and prevailing service. Fill to the bottom of the level testing plug positioned on the side of the transmission. DO NOT OVERFILL, as the excess quantity will serve no useful purpose. If the oil level is too high, it will cause excessive oil churning and high oil temperature and possible leakage." I suspect your high transmission temps may have something to do with this. I would also suspect y
  10. Okay, the disconnect is cool, I wish I had one at times. Yes, I use 15w/40 in my NV5600, I change it and all gear boxes every 36k miles.
  11. I say use it up and flush that sucker. You will need to drive in 4x4 or jack up all 4 and let it run in 4x4 for a few minutes. If you don't the chain wont turn and slosh the fluid around. Just driving around in 4x2 won't stir it up. I used ATF+4 for years but now use Motorcraft 5w/30 synthetic blend, same as my Ford Escape engine oil.
  12. I got it from Rock Auto for $15.57 (CH1288112) but I see they have raised the price, maybe a different vendor. http://www.rockauto.com/?carcode=1366602&parttype=10585 Here is one from Parts Geek: https://www.partsgeek.com/p551t66-dodge-ram-2500-washer-reservoir.html
  13. It might be the bottle itself, it can be hard to tell. I messed with mine (grommet) but didn't fix it. Changed out the bottle and fixed it. It came with both grommets.
  14. Dang, that rust looks brutal. Is that the 5 bolt elbow? What do the bolts look like? Is it possible to remove them instead?
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