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  1. The 3rd gens. are still considered quad cabs. The real crew cab, started with the 4th gens. 2010.
  2. Here is a scan of my lubricant chart, no mention of SO/HO dually, just dually. It appears that the 12" also comes in an SRW.
  3. Ram recommends 75w/140 for the dually. Some guys use 75w/190 or 75w/250, Lol I have read that Schaeffer's is marketing synthetic blend, that it holds the additive package longer than pure synthetic. Ford recommends 75w/140 from F-250 on up, if you tow. This is in their Ford/Stirling axles or Dana. I think AAM in the Ram or GM place too much emphasis on fuel mileage than what is good for the axle. 20k oil change is nuts, but probably necessary, running 75w/85.
  4. They still need it. In '19, Ram went to the clutch type limited slip. However, most quality gear oil has the additive included, just make sure. I agree on the new adventure with the new truck, I have a lot to learn. My 1st and 2nd gens didn't teach me much about this new truck
  5. Early oil change is not necessary per the manual. 15k, 1 year or if the oil change minder says to change. I figure 5k for the first one and 10k for the second one, then 15k. Fuel filters (2) required every 15k and they are spendy!! 75w/90 would be fine for the front. The manual says, 500 miles break in empty for the rear, before towing. I went 700, then got rid of it because I needed to tow. I will leave the front alone, for now. What bugs me, is the manual says change the rear axle oil every 20k, if you tow. My guess is, it has something to do with the water weight oil they recommend, 75w/85.
  6. The way I understand it, the '19+ Cummins "requires" the light weight oil for the hydraulic lifters.
  7. I bought a '21 Ram 2500 6 weeks ago. At 700 miles (empty) I changed the rear axle to Valvoline 75w/140, it comes with 75w/85. I tow heavy, 26k. I am going to change the engine oil at about 5k miles, 3600 now. The book recommends 10w/30 for operation above 0 and requires 5w/40 below 0. 10w/30 is kinda rare around here so I ordered 10w30 Premium Blue synthetic blend from Speedway Motors, free shipping. I see no reason why you can't use 5w/40 year around, it is also way more popular and available. I am new to all this so I am learning too. All my old diesels get 15w/40.
  8. If you want to upgrade, I recommend you go slightly newer and get the 6pd auto and oem exhaust brake. Used truck prices are insane, that one seems reasonable.
  9. Welp, that lasted quick. Down on boost and up on EGT's. What the heck? Bad filter? So, it went back in the box on the shelf for the dually and the '01 gets a new filter and old air box. I made sure the elbow was not restricted in any way, yet? Some times ya just gotta use oem
  10. Installed my new filter today, fits good. It didn't help my turbo whine tho, same as before. This new turbo is quiet The exhaust brake rumble might be just a tad louder. Looks like my oem was working good, compressor wheel is still shinny. It was due tho, 1 year and 24k miles of a lot of dirt roads.
  11. Read this link. https://www.rme4x4.com/threads/bullet-proof-dodge-steering-upgrade.78067/
  12. I tried two Napa/Haden fan clutches, neither one worked right. Slow to unlock and slow to lock. Wait till you tow something on a hot day, that will tell the tale. Went back to Mopar, all is well.
  13. That area is called the Narrows, and yes it is a nice drive. That lava flow is huge. The Bandera Volcano it came from has a huge crater. It is a national park and you can walk up the mountain and look at it. We did when we were younger, tough climb.
  14. That route also bypasses the Arizona port, Lol I use it quite often. Also due East of Quemado to Socorro to Roswell into Texas. No New Mexico scales at all that way. Some of the roads are on the slow side but that gets good fuel mileage How did you like the Salt River Canyon? Lots of tough pulls from the Phoenix area, no matter what route you take, the 60, 260 or I-17.
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