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  1. I don't know the answer to either of those questions. I have a recovery file for my Smarty.
  2. I really doubt the dealership has a computer shop in the back. I would also wager someone other than Dodge rebuilds the ECU's they are selling. I may be delusional. I also find it interesting that Dodge sells you a non-programmed ECU and wants to charge you 300 something to program it. I had a guy at Cummins tell me they would sell one programmed out the door for 1260. There is about a 400 dollar discrepancy between Dodge and Cummins for the same part.
  3. Who did you use? Any issues after they rebuilt it? I would like to get a new one but they can't be found. Dodge says they just sell re-man ECU's and Cummins tells me it's a Dodge part.
  4. After that post I would be willing to let Ed try and rebuild it. I have not heard good reviews about the place in Florida. I am stuck between Innovei In Texas and Klein Bottle Computer in New York. Klein has good PayPal ratings and I could probably get my money back if need be. That may tip the scales in that direction. I should look at the BBB ratings for each place. I would like to talk to someone on the phone before I pay or send off my ECU. For as many ECU's as these people say the rebuild there are not many with experience on the forums.
  5. The question I have is one better than the other? I have my original ECU and the one in the truck hasn't put me in limp mode yet so time isn't too much of an issue. Good to know. So at my current rate of a maximum of four reprogram cycles a year with the Smarty it should last 750 years + on a new ECU. Now to find a new ECU, or at least a lightly used ECU.
  6. Yup, they built me a recovery file for the used ECU I bought a few years ago problem. I don't change the program a bunch. I change it to stock in the winter and a Catcher program in the summer. I just didn't know the PROM had a finite lifespan. It's almost like you are rolling the dice every time you change your tune.
  7. Rats! Dodge told me all their ECU's are re-manufactured. I should have bought a new one when I could. That is my quandary, what are the differences between re-man ECU's? Is one really better than another? I doubt Dodge is rebuilding them. It would be nice to know who is doing it for them.
  8. Thanks, I did not know the PROM had a finite life span. Would that stand for changing things with a Smarty? The problem is everyone will tell you they honor their warentee directly before they get your money. Afterward is another story. It would be nice to get some opinions from people who did business with these places. Someone on one of these forums has experience. I checked for AC noise, it is less than 0.1. Batteries are solid, checked the grounds etc. Where did you find a new one? I would love to find a new one but I think the search is futile. I was told I could get a new one for a 2002 and earlier from Cummins. I went over there and they looked at me like I was crazy. Dodge was absolutely no help at all. I almost had to hold a gun on the guy to give me a price.
  9. For the second time in three years I believe my ECU is headed south. A few weeks ago the truck didn't want to start. I checked the grid heater and had more than the recommended resistance between the terminals. I had power to the relays with the wait to start light just no power coming out. Fusible links are good. Now the problem as I understand it is I have 12 volts to the relays with the wait to start light on. When the wait light goes out, I should have zero volts to the relays. I have seven. If I have more than zero it sould be the ECU according to the service manual. I now have IAT sensor voltage codes, fuel calibration error codes, etc. Now the million dollar question. I bought a used ECU the last time and blew in a program with the smarty. I would like something to last longer than a couple of years. I know people have said to stay away from a re-manfactored ECU. Dodge tells me they only sell a reman ECU's now, nothing new. They go for the tune of $1400.00 not programmed. I have heard ECU's going south after a short time from Dodge. What is the difference between a Dodge re-man and a $800.00 model from a company off the net? I know to stay away from a Cardone. Also, what about these companies like Klien Bottle Computer who give you a lifetime warentee if they rebuild your ECU? Anyone care to weigh in?
  10. I also have an older Assassin pump. The thing has worked like a champ. It took a little work to purge all the hose debris after it was installed but once clean, the regulator works. I have only replaced the belt once. IMHO much better than an electric pump. I went through electric pumps like candy. I have never needed a second, back up electric pump.
  11. I was referring to getting a working ECM in the truck after all this time, I worded that poorly. I talked to Bob at Smarty today and he is going to make up a recovery file for the working, used ECM I bought. I am still new to this thing so I hope he sends some instructions. Your comment about the C.E.L. brings up an interesting question. I am hoping to P-Pump the truck this summer. On the eastern slope of Colorado we have an opacity emissions test. They also look for a functioning C.E.L. With the APPS and VP removed it's bound to throw a code or two. I wonder if he could write another file once I complete the pump swap to take the removed parts out of the loop. If not, I am going to have a whole different problem.
  12. I wonder how they will treat it since I bought the Smarty used. I played with it today just to see how it would work. It cancelled out the 40% limitation the ECU fault had set. It was so nice to have my truck back. Now if I could get the check engine light to go out and cancel out the codes.
  13. Six speed. Did you call or will he respond to an email?
  14. Well I was able to get a Smarty off craigslist locally. I bought an ECM off a guy on the Cummins forum. Now I just have to figure out how to re-flash the ECM to work in my truck with the Smarty, when it gets here.
  15. RPM

    FS: RV275's & misc.

    The serial number on the injector bodies is 0432193629. They are aftermarket tips on 235 hp bodies. They were bought from a diesel retailer so I assume they were popped after they put the tips on and sold them.
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