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  2. Here is a quick write-up and how to for changing the image on your Touch/MM3 to something more to your liking! https://smartysupport.com/articles.html/smarty-touch-mm3/personalized-smarty-touchmm3-background-image-r25/
  3. Never heard of Injector Direct until now. There are very few places left that a person can pick up a set of actual new injectors. I am currently running the 1.5 BBI reman set in my truck. I've had them in for around 10k miles so far and they have been great. The previous set were Bosch Motor Sports marine 90s. The BMS set got the job done but were tougher to tune out the smoke and didn't seem to respond quite as crisp to tuning changes. The BBI set made even the slightest adjustment noticeable. They had a slight haze at take-off that took some minor tuning to eliminate. This took me longer than usual due to the responsiveness of the injectors. I wasn't used to having the change be so instant after the BMS set so I kept over/under-shooting the sweet spot. If you have the cash available I would say a new BBI set is the way to go. If you are in a tight spot and need to get a little discount, the remans are a great option. They are fully rebuilt to very strict tolerances and do not leave without passing the same level of testing as the new injectors. Each set comes with a test sheet showing the results of each injector. If one of them ever does have a problem they can get you an exact match for a replacement since it is fully documented. They are the only rebuilds I would ever consider. If you decide on that route or need some more information, head on over to https://smartysupport.com/ and we can get you set up. There is even a chance we could get you some answers from the BBI guy himself if need be.
  4. The date and location has been set for the ITD website photo and October dinner meet/BBQ. Bring a dish, your favorite beverages, and possibly a chair or two. Please visit the link for full information. http://idahoturbodiesels.com/topic/11251-dinner-meetbbq-member-photo-saturday-october-7th-2017/
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