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  1. Looks like I will be needing a clutch, getting some chatter in 1st. What do you guys recommend?
  2. I think I am going to just do an Airdog, draw straw, and bigline kit (with a gauge) as a preventative measure, then see where I am at.
  3. No codes, no fuel pressure gauge. Only seems to happen after fueling up. I am running two stroke oil, Edge Mileage Max ( could that be it?) and 4" MBRP Ex.
  4. I thought maybe it was heat soak in the VP44 computer. Why not the FASS?
  5. This is an odd circumstance I am experiencing. After I refuel (usually before 1/2 tank) sometimes, perhaps one in 4 fuel stops, right after, I get a "stumble" on acceleration. Any ideas on this? Also, I dont trust the lift pump, but dont want to re-enginner the truck. Thoughts on the FASS DDRP 02 direct replacement pump?Thanks!
  6. Yes, but I service that regularly. It has an "industrial" scent! LOL, I was looking in the mopar catalog, they actually have an "oil perfume" for this! Wow
  7. I was traveling, and had to do an Oil change. I traditionally use the Mopar Oil, In this Case, Rotella wa available. SInce the change, after coming in of a highway run with vents on, I get a oil smell in the cab. Think its related? Cant find any leaks etc.
  8. I have a local company that supplies Bio Diesel, can I run this in my 02? I was thinking about running some tanks, just to compare performance and economy etc. I know nothing about Bio Fuels.
  9. Where does one aquire the motor gaurd? I cant find a supplier on line. I found the Franz site, but the mortor guide looks like a nicer part.Dorkweed-do you have pics of your install, I am curious how the 2 filters are insatlled and mounted.Thanks!
  10. Anybody running "no change" oil? Micron filters etc? Sounds intersting, and to good to be true. . . . . . LOL
  11. I am going to try an extension, but I think it might be something else. I have the HD insulation package, so if its coming back in the cab, it is doing so and going under that insulation pad. Thanks for the ideas!
  12. So, I have a condensate drip in the passenger footwell. I cant tell where it is coming from. Condensate does come out of the drain in the firewal (engine compartment) but will drip into the cab. Ideas? Note: its quite a bit of water after an hour or so of driving. Cant find any cracks etc. :confused: Thanks!Ken
  13. I have a question about the plate. Firstt, is it a necessary part in this setup : AirDog150, Edge with attitude, 4" exhaust. Or rather, the benefit it adds. Also, where do I get one? :)AirDog 100 or 150... Depends on how much power you plan on making... If you plan on more go for the 150...Edge Juice will require a update fuel system for sure...4" exhaust is a nice upgrade... But I'll have to dig up a vendor or two for ya...
  14. Thanks for the reply's fellas. What is the factory governor spring rpm rating? Also, in a marine application, the 12 valves are rated at 330 HP? How do they do that?
  15. I was considering changing my setup for more performance. Fuel Pump, performance computer etc. My question is, with 90K on the ODO, is this an unwise path? I was basically considering Moparmans setup as I have the same truck, but I am (slightly) concerned on modding the almost 100K motor. Thoughts?
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