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  2. I just did it this past weekend on my '01 2500. Didn't need any tie rod reaming, it dropped right in. I got all ACDelco parts off RockAuto, they are pretty stout. There shouldn't be anything different from a 2500 to a 3500.
  3. Wow, thank you for doing this research, and contributing to a solution to this plague affecting these trucks. If I may make a suggestion, once you have your final wiring done, maybe you post a step-by-step procedure of everything you did. Because as it is now, its a bit confusing to read with your research and fix are written together. Again just a suggestion, and thank you for your work. Yours and Mike's work may actually lead to a permanent solution to this problem. As a side note, have you looked into the fix some people do, by running a new ground from the alternator to the battery or body? Could that be coupled with your re-grounding?
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