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  1. Yea engaging or disengaging at 55 MPH or lower is what is recommended. I have done up to 45 MPH and have yet to have any problems. I am in the same situation as you. I am driving along and no snow and than all the sudden it turns to ice or snow so I just take my foot off the pedal and give the shifter a good hard pull into 4 HI. Just make sure you pull hard all at once otherwise you will probably get a grind and as far as going back to 2 HI I just let off the pedal and just push the shifter forward without much effort.
  2. Thanks I will give it a try this coming week. Im gonna see if I can find some milk jugs and pour my old oil in it and see if anything happens. --- Update to the previous post... Yea it has a slight leak in it somewhere I guess. It is not leaking onto the floor or anything but I do not have hot heat so need to fix it. But I do need to get it fixed. It just a matter of wanting to destroy the rest of the dash Already got a big chunk missing right over the heater core. Be nice if could just reach down and get it out But I will check out the thread. I went out and actually checke
  3. That a good idea. I had actually gone to auto zone and rented a pressure tester but have not used it. But shoulda done that today if I had actually known. I did find a slow leak at the overflow hose where it connects to radiator and also noticed the previous owner had put a 15 psi radiator cap on but those are fixed now. I guess the only other way now is to redrain the oil and check it and put the oil back in depending on what I find. But I will check around on the block again tomorrow or Sunday and see. Yea I wiped off the cap when I put it back on after the oil change, maybe in a few d
  4. Well as soon as I pulled the drain plug is was just black, I did not notice anything. I had let the truck sit all night and just pulled the plug this morning. The drain plug had oil on it too. As far as the cap goes, There was a film of oil on it that was black with greenish tint I guess you would say. I would not say it was extremely thick and the truck had sat all night about 9 hours in 35 degree weather, so I am sure that would make the oil a bit thicker. Also I am not sure if it makes an difference but I am using Rotella 15-40 oil. But I will check the tranny and see how it looks tomorrow
  5. Not what I need to hear :banghead: I cant get my car fixed until next week since I am waiting on the part and I have nothing else. I am not even sure how long it has been bad for. When I got the truck back in July I noticed the coolant was low in the radiator so I topped it all off and had not even looked at it again until 5 days ago when I went to change out all the coolant and noticed the radiator was low but yet the overflow bottle was still full but never had any overheating issues, so I did not assume any problems and I have not changed the oil since than either since I barely have 5k on
  6. I am having a problem with coolant getting into the oil so I am going to assume the headgasket is blown which blows. My oil is starting to get a greenish tint to it and I keep having to top off the radiator. So what kind of damage am I going to be doing if I keep driving the truck as it is? This is my DD as of right now since my car is down at least until next week and it sucks because we are suppose to be getting a lot of snow this weekend into next week. :ahhh:I hate to drive the truck as it is but I really do not have a choice. Sometimes I wonder why I bought this truck as it is causin
  7. Hmm I was just flipping through reading a few posts and stumbled across this. This seems to be just like my problem to an extent. I actually just posted a thread on CF about this. Maybe someone from here can give me some insight and maybe we can both figure out our problem. http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/98-5-02-powertrain/353230-cooling-system-issues-radiator-not-hot-nor-building-pressure.html
  8. I have a similar problem. I can hear wind from where the doors are not sealed completely on both sides too. I am not sure if you have a quad cab or not? But from what I can tell is the rear door is not shutting completely. I finally fixed my driver side from the wind noise. Try this. Open the driver side door and than grab the rear door and push and pull on it and see if it moves. If it does than that is more than likely what is causing your wind noise. What was happening on mine is the bottom latch was not securing all the way and allowing the door to move. But if I slammed the door hard enou
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