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  1. Thanks for all the help. I pulled the water pump off and it had about 1/2" of shaft play in every direction.
  2. I was on my way home from work today I got five miles in to my trip, and my "check gauges" came on. I looked and my battery gauge was all the way down to the minimun. I drove about 10 more miles to an advanced auto and opened my hood. There was antifreeze all over the engine bay. The first thing I did was panic, and thought I blew my head gasket. Anyways, I put some more antifreeze in it and drove the rest of the way home. The truck never over heated and drove normal. It did make a squeeling sound every once in a while like a belt was slipping. So, do you think it is my water pump? Di
  3. I recently pulled the bed off my truck to replace the brake line that runs between the tank and the frame. After I reinstalled the bed and connected the lights I have no tail lights, and my dash won't illuminate when I turn the head lights on. I do have brake lights, turn sigs. and back up lights. All the fuses seem to be good. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. I recently tried to change my power level on my comp box and nothing would happen. If I disconnect all my connections, but leave the power going to the box I can change the levels. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. When ever I drive my truck in the rain my water in fuel light will come on. It will then go off when I drive when its dry. Is there a sensor that gets wet and turns it on? Any suggestions?
  6. I was leaking oil from my vacuum pump, and I just replaced the seals in my vacuum pump with the kit from Gould Gear and electric. This kit is great made the repair simple. I'm sure most of you already heard of them.
  7. 4.07 in North Central Pennsylvania
  8. Is there a proper way to drain the water seperator on a fass 150? Whenever I open the valve on the bottom of the canister it seems like fuel just keeps coming out.
  9. How do I know if I have a limited slip diff? Did all these trucks come with it?
  10. I agree look on the cuumminsforum you can pick up a box like the edge comp pretty cheap.
  11. Its been like that ever since I've owned the truck (1 year) will it hurt anything? Any one know where I can get a replacement?
  12. when I climb under my truck and look up at the transmission I can see what looks like a big gear (fly wheel?) Am I missing a cover or is made like that. Thanks
  13. I'm getting ready to channge my wheel bearings and front axle u joints. What size socket is the front axle nut?Any other pointers for doing this job would also be appreciated. Thanks
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