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  1. Will do thanks for the help! If anything changes or happens I'll make sure I update.
  2. Well I'm hoping that's all it was it starts now I haven't driven it I'm a little worried, don't want to break down somewhere again. It's got fuel pressure and fuel at the injectors and it starts so I'm stumped.
  3. Cracked the injectors got a bunch of fuel out of 3 and 4 started cranking tried to start did bless it again tighten them up and it started. Turned it off started it again fired right up. Any thoughts?
  4. Ok I'll try that tonight see if I get any fuel. Fuel pressure right before the VP is 16 she is trying to start but won't fire off. Can you starve the VP with big injectors if you let off the throttle to fast?
  5. Yea getting it towed home after work today and gonna scan it and see if there are any. No check engine light either.
  6. I was driving to work this morning and the truck just shut off and will crank but not start. Fuel pressure is reading 15-17psi on gauge. Any help would be appreciated. I changed the VP 44 probably 50k ago.
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