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  1. Norowner


  2. Norowner

    Quadzilla adrenaline V2

    hello I would like to know if it's possible to have aggressive programming to install in my standard quadzilla tune? should you send it absolutely to quadzilla for them to install? thanks
  3. hello i change my automatic transmission for a nv4500 but the front drive shaft is too tight, what length to remove to be in the right measure ? .. I will have it cut and balance at a professional shop thank you
  4. Norowner

    V2 tuning adrenaline

    thx man !
  5. Norowner

    V2 tuning adrenaline

    @Youngblood24v can you give me the link please?
  6. Norowner

    V2 tuning adrenaline

    Hi ,I downloaded the tune on my android tablet but i am not able to import them? how to help me thank you
  7. Norowner

    Quadzilla adrenaline V2

    Thank you very much ! I check everywhere on the internet and nothing ... its the only thing that does not work otherwise the rest everything is ok
  8. Norowner

    Quadzilla adrenaline V2

    hello I'm new to the group, I have a question about my tune ..I swap my truck automatic manual but I do not change the ecm for a manual ..jessaye to program the lope tune and it does not work .. can it be just because my neutral switch and bypass?