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  1. Thanks Haggar for the diagrams I think they will help. I remember it was an easy plug to undo. Looks like it either goes way down or out by the hinge
  2. I’m in the process of putting the new harness in my truck. This wire in the pic was not connected to the truck in the old harness. It is in the harness close to the pdc and is coming out of the harness with these two plugs. I’m just wondering if the wire is connected on your trucks or if anyone knows what it is for. Also in the 3 pic is a small wire that comes out of the harness between the abs pump and the fire wall I thought it went through by the fender but now I can find where it connects. I remember it was easy to unplug. When someone has the time I would appreciate it if you could trace it. Thanks Dale
  3. I have both fuel modules one with pump in it and one with no pump. The wire plugs are identical and both have four wires at the plug.
  4. Daleb

    Alternator & PCM failure

    Glad you made it home safe and sound.
  5. Yes it was g100 the g101 was in good shape. Sad thing is I was planning on doing all the grounds this winter when truck was parked. Guess as I install the new wire harness will make it easier to find them all.
  6. I will get a picture of the spot today after work. It is on the flat part of the fender under the head light and to the front of truck.
  7. This is the ground under the left battery from the pdc. Has most of the grounds from the pdc all grounded there.
  8. This is one of the main grounds for the pdc was nothing but black tap holding the wires to the ring connector. One of the heavy equipment mechanics at work said this would cause extra draw through the pdc. As I remove the old wire harness I will see what other surprises await.
  9. So do I. I'm going to start buying all the PDC I run across because they are getting scarce up here not to many scrape yards hold trucks or cars for parts anymore they crush them as they come in.
  10. No the fass was installed powered off the battery controlled by the ecm.
  11. The fass was installed by myself. The old lift pump on the side of engine has been removed and the fass harness plugs into the old fuel pump plug as per instructions. The harness then goes to a relay then from relay + &- go to battery and the other wire goes to the fass pump behind the cab. I was not thinking so yes it’s ran off the battery and controled by the ecm.
  12. Yes it is operated off the ecm and plugged into the plug for the original fuel pump. Is that plug powered by the batteries?I do hate auto correct.
  13. yes its the full fast titanium. and it plugs into the regular harness at the old location on the block. Then it goes directly to a relay that came in the fast wiring harness
  14. I installed a Fass a couple weeks ago and it is running from the oem fuel pump plug to the relay that came with the Fass harness. I think when I get the truck back together I’m going to run the Fass off a switch and leave it out of the pdc altogether This is the replacement pdc it looks like it has gotten hot at some point also in the same spot. The truck this came off was also running a Fass system could it be the Fass is pulling to much power