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  1. I checked with Dorman and they only have pins for the front doors. I will probably drill them out to the same size as the front and use the front pins. Just find it funny you can buy them for the front but no one has rear pins. They must seldom need replacing. Dale
  2. Hi has any one found a hinge pin rebuild kit for the rear doors on a 1999 ram 3500. I talked to doorman and they make nothing for the rear doors> I also checked LMC and Rockauto and they don't list anything for the rear doors hinge wise. Dale
  3. I will get a 190 installed this weekend and see if that brings the gauge up. The gauge might be off also I have heard some aren’t real accurate. I should plug my edge in and see what in getting at the diagnosit plug. Dale
  4. R no they come in F. Thanks for all the reply’s I will get a thermostat and see if it makes a difference. Dale
  5. Is this the normal spot for the temp gauge to run or should I try replacing the thermostat?
  6. When I got the truck the fuel pump was in the fuel tank and was powered by the battery and the relay was triggered by the original connection of the ecm. When I put a fuel gauge in the truck I only had 6psi fuel pressure from idle to wot it never change so I bought a fass titanium and 1/2 inch fuel line. The pump is ran off the battery and the ecm triggers a relay and I run about 18psi. Now as for the head light problem they come on with the key on. With the key off they come on when I put the parking lights on. If I pull the head light fuse they stay on really dim. If I disconnect the day time running light module the lights go out but if I turn the head light switch on it still kills the motor if running. If I take the #1 50amp battery fuse out I can turn the light switch on with out killing the motor but the head lights are still on.Also I have no blower motor or speedo but all other gauges work and I'm not sure if the problems are all related.I am in the process of finding a good 2nd get mechanic because I think this electrical stuff is beyond me.
  7. The worst wires in the damaged pdc I have are melted at the wire thats goes to the fuel pump relay. I wonder If the damage was down when one of the original engine mounted ecm powered fuel pump failed and heated JC2. Maybe it was slowly deteriorating over the years until it failed. Might explain why there seam to be a bunch with the same damage. All my fuses in the pdc where the proper size but who's to say what was in there over the years. Dale
  8. Daleb


  9. thanks I will try to see if lights work normally with key off.No the truck does not have fog lights. Dale
  10. Good news I got the truck running was a loose plug in the engine line out harness. Bad news is the head lights stay on and if I turn the head light switch on the truck quits. Also getting code p1689. I cleaned all the grounds as I installed the new harness. The head lights are on as soon as the key is on and the high beams don't work anyone know what other grounds could be the problem or might this be another problem? Dale
  11. I was just thinking if JC2 goes bad should we not be able to bypass it and run the wires to a new fuse block and join them there. Or does JC2 serve another purpose that could not be served by fuses?
  12. Well there is a 98 24v in my area that just had his joint connection 2 burn up. That makes 2 total failures in the last few months also I have one here off a parts truck that got hot enough to blacken the plastic and have looked at a few others when I was shopping for my new harness that were the same. Im starting to see a pattern here that I'm not liking. Wonder If the early 24v are going to start having issues you all might want to pull the pdc off at the bottom and inspect joint connection 2 for signs of melting plastic.
  13. I thought the extra stuff under the dash was for the starter but its not because the starter works without it being hooked up. the light blue wire on the steering column is what its hooked to. Im going to have to trace the wires and see where they go. Cummins mechanic told me what to test on ecm to see if its getting power I will do that tomorrow.As for the wipers A bad ground can cause that sort of problem they seem to work fine now. This truck is quickly working its way to a ppump.
  14. Im going to check all the connections today because I had the connectors unplugged. The lift pump is powered off the battery and uses the original factory connection to turn it on through a relay
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