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  2. 99 Vp44 truck cranks slow and then quickly sounds like a very weak battery condition as far as the starter sound. It sounds like the starter is not giving enough power to turn over, then it barely starts. When it starts, it runs great(like usual). I even had someone else test my batteries and they are both new. I checked starter wiring, and it is all clean and tight. Any suggestions? Starter? it's about 3 years old.Thanks ahead of time,Will
  3. So after 10 months of no CEL I got a lift pump circuit code(230). I am not using that circuit and the plug has been hanging there for a while now( 10 months). I also noticed that the grids never cycled after I started. The wts light went on for about 2 secs then shut off. The CEL turned on before I even started it, I just turned the key to the "on" position and it illuminated in about 1 second.... Any ideas.... That was the only code. I can clear it and it will come back in no more than 2 start cycles.thanks,Will
  4. mine is the 100 gph factory position mounted raptor....they tell you to plug it right in to factory ecm power plug.......it will not prime well with the lower speed that the 8.4 volts the ecm puts out until the motor is actually running.
  5. thank you for offering to talk to eric, but i wired a relay harness and installed it this morning. the truck works great and starts quick and smooth. will still let pureflo know that even though it is in factory engine mounted position, they need to provide the harness in order to save people from waisted timed, and maybe a burned out ecm.
  6. i wish pureflo would change the wiring setup for the factory mount 100 gph pump....i am pretty sure its the only pump they offer that plugs into stock harness from ecm.... i will talk to jason the vp and engineer at pureflo, and see if there is anything he can do to change that setup....maybe they will save money giving out warranty pumps.
  7. i just finished proving that both of my raptor pumps needs more than 8.4 volts to prime itself on my truck. i will not use the factory harness for powering the raptor lift pumps. i wired my harness in and ran 12 volts to it and the fuel came out like it should....it is activated through an acc circuit i am not using and powered through the positive terminal in pdc.
  8. it plugs into the factory harness, but i can rewire it with my new relay harness. i promise it has been functioning for about 6 months..i havent had my truck for 3 weeks, and have taken the pump out and reinstalled it 4 times. give me an idea and i will try it... --- Update to the previous post... i just want to make sure i understand this correctly....this gerotor style pump needs fluid to produce vaccuum on inlet and subsequent pressure on outlet. it should not produce vaccuum wheanythingn it is not hooked up to anything.
  9. check with barb fitting and hose on inlet going into bottle with fuel...also it i elevated the fuel level and it didn't prime .what is the correct way to check?it is the factory quick disconnect for engine mounted pump.
  10. there is a half tank and i double checked for vaccuum on inlet with inlet line disconnected, there was no vaccuum on both pumps....i know this is ultra rare, thats why i feel like i am doing something wrong ya know.
  11. the first pump was fine for about 7 months, then one day it stopped putting pressure out....was it an internal polarity issue?
  12. my raptor fuel pump stopped putting pressure out about 3weeks ago. the motor runs fine but no fuel pressure is read from mechanical and electrical gauge. checked voltage and it is good at 8.5 volts without starting it. the motor turns and there is no suction on inlet. so i told airdog about it and they shipped me a new one. i just installed it, and there is no suction. it will not prime. 2 spinning pumps, so what the heck am i doing wrong?
  13. my goal was to get 20 psi to vp input, nothing more , but in order to achieve that i would have to set my lift pump to 22 or 23 psi. going through plumbing and filter canisteris causing 2 psi drop with a new filter. i change my filter every 10k anyway. i dont believe in waiting for pressure restriction. i would rather not gamble my new vp with 25 or 30 psi, especially if it wont make a difference in reliability.
  14. so i spoke to pureflo tech just now and before i finished my sentance he asked for my shipping address and said they would ship a viton check ball to replace the current seal which is the "bottom end" in my pics. anyone having trouble with pureflo regulators that have a sleeve style regulator, just call them and get a free viton check ball for better sealing/priming.
  15. i installed springs and verified that it compresses smoothly in sleeve using outlet port bore.thanks so much.
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