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  1. it won't let me save it rather than download it and I'm not quite sure how to download the file and then open it with the quadzilla app I'm guessing is the app your talking about??? Well I handed it off to my old lady and and she figured out how to get it all working so all is well I also bought the balls to the wall tune so hopefully tuning is over with for now if you made a economy tune for rv275 trucks I would definitely purchase that as well as for the tow tune 50-75 hp injectors I have 40hp rv275 would you recommend making any changes or just leave it how it is?
  2. Bought this tune and downloaded but I reckon I made a wrong turn somewhere because there's just a a bunch of numbers am I reading something wrong? I understand how the tuning works and how to punch it in but if the last bit of numbers is your fueling curve then it's nothing but a zig zag?
  3. So I ended up drinking a little too much and never went and snagged the man at thoroughbred... but I was told to check my crossover tubes and make sure they are seated and that there is no blockages on the return side of my fuel system all checks out good, also when I was out of town walked out the hotel room and she was being stubborn had a hard start long cranks with a hit and a miss here and there was about to bleed the injectors and Bam she fired up stumbled for a min and hasn't skipped a beat since ( this was Saturday morning). Could this be VP related or was this just something stupid?? Oh and I forgot to mention when the low fuel and sump and 1/4 tank issue popped up I instantly thought the lift pump was cutting out because I was told the ecms where famous for cutting out lift pump signal on the early 24v models (this info was from bluechip) so I wired it to a key on accessory. So to wrap it all up should I just yank the VP off and send it to thoroughbred I was told to leave my cover and wiretap on there so they could check it with and without pump tap or do y'all have any ideas of something else to check because I ain't looking to go 2 weeks without my ride.
  4. Well currently I'm at Rudy's season opener in North Carolina and I spoke with the guy at thoroughbred and he said he'd have a look at it so we will see what he has to say and I'll keep y'all posted
  5. So think tonight has solved it all while driving the truck coming to a stop I noticed that my fuel pressure kept dropping when coming to a stop then when I accelerated would hop back up 10 secs later.. had 1/4 tank of fuel and have a beans diesel sump on the bottom of the tank when braking hard all the fuel will rush to the front of the tank causing the fass to start sucking air then when you get going the fuel will return and pressure will hop back up and stay there so I think that's why I'm having all these issues the VP has been starved for fuel alot when driving with less than 1/4 tank and that's why my truck is acting up the VP is barely hanging on and can't fuel to the adrenalines standards
  6. Here in the past few days I've had a misfire on a hot start. Misses 3 or 4 times then straightenes right out and runs fine doesn't skip a beat on factory level 2 tune but still gets more and more angry as the levels go up and really gets pissed off when I run the tune I posted earlier and still just a haze of grey smoke turned all the way up Since installing the fuel pressure sender for the quad following @Mopar1973Mans instructions in another post. fuel pressure hangs out between 13 and 15 just cruising and wot it will go to 9 and then hop right back up after the initial draw, just for the hell of it I cycled the lift pump one time while my main feed line was off to make sure the fuel wasn't full of air bubbles or lack of volume and that was a mistake considering I only had a 1/2 gallon catch can cause it filled that up and was still dumping it on the floor for me to clean up so I feel that I have plenty of fuel going to the VP
  7. Okay I will take my power probe home with me this evening and retest and holler back with results... again thanks for everyone's help this truck has me pulling my hair out!
  8. B+ with KOEO That's the only way I know how to check it I back probe The wire where my weatherproof Spade terminals meet up with the wire provided with the stealth cover
  9. So with all that being said no mater what I have done I've never seen that truck smoke on any tune I've ran since I replaced to VP (I can't contest to the factory VP cause the first time I let it rip I lifted fast and seized the rotor) is it possible I got a bad vp does that explain the lack of smoke and all the spit and sputter pop and crack?
  10. Well with the settings like they are should it smoke it's tale off? Because if it does all is good and I'll change them but I ran that exact tune minus his corrected timing and hardly got a puff..
  11. Should I change that number? I'm really not looking for smoke but I want too see it smoke just once to verify that I'm getting the fuel in the hole then I'll turn it to whatever you tell me I'm just looking for a fun tune a screw it let's see if the trans builder did a good job tune. I haven't gotten the chance to run it with the corrected timing cause i swapped trucks with a buddy for me to take it to the shop to get it inspected. But I'll let you know as soon as I get back in the seat Oh I forgot I have a BD stealth cover installed that's the only way thoroughbred will warranty it
  12. Makes sense.. I'll post pics of the entire tune and then once corrected I'll post to the download section because I couldn't find any rv275/hx35 tunes and still don't completely understand how to do it myself I'm still trying to learn the if I change this number it's gonna effect that number kinda thing but I reckon that will come with time.
  13. Does that explain the lack of smoke due to inadequate timing?
  14. So yesterday after driving and playing around with the new tunes I was interested in the data logs and my numbers where pretty low 19lbs of boost 1200 egt 100% load unfortunately I didn't screenshot it to save it so y'all could see all the parameters but I was concerned because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't even make the truck smoke so tonight I got home and played around and decided to load the stock injector race tune from the download just for the heck of it and see what happened low and behold no smoke the same spit and sputter when you slap it from a dig and the nasty pop/crack out the tailpipe when In lock up and hit i never even hit 100% throttle so my question is am I just asking for too much out of a near stock truck or do I have something wrong? Can a sovp not send the fuel I'm asking for? And if there is any test I can run on that VP to test it?
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