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  1. Okay I will take my power probe home with me this evening and retest and holler back with results... again thanks for everyone's help this truck has me pulling my hair out!
  2. B+ with KOEO That's the only way I know how to check it I back probe The wire where my weatherproof Spade terminals meet up with the wire provided with the stealth cover
  3. So with all that being said no mater what I have done I've never seen that truck smoke on any tune I've ran since I replaced to VP (I can't contest to the factory VP cause the first time I let it rip I lifted fast and seized the rotor) is it possible I got a bad vp does that explain the lack of smoke and all the spit and sputter pop and crack?
  4. Well with the settings like they are should it smoke it's tale off? Because if it does all is good and I'll change them but I ran that exact tune minus his corrected timing and hardly got a puff..
  5. Should I change that number? I'm really not looking for smoke but I want too see it smoke just once to verify that I'm getting the fuel in the hole then I'll turn it to whatever you tell me I'm just looking for a fun tune a screw it let's see if the trans builder did a good job tune. I haven't gotten the chance to run it with the corrected timing cause i swapped trucks with a buddy for me to take it to the shop to get it inspected. But I'll let you know as soon as I get back in the seat Oh I forgot I have a BD stealth cover installed that's the only way thoroughbred will warranty it
  6. Makes sense.. I'll post pics of the entire tune and then once corrected I'll post to the download section because I couldn't find any rv275/hx35 tunes and still don't completely understand how to do it myself I'm still trying to learn the if I change this number it's gonna effect that number kinda thing but I reckon that will come with time.
  7. Does that explain the lack of smoke due to inadequate timing?
  8. So yesterday after driving and playing around with the new tunes I was interested in the data logs and my numbers where pretty low 19lbs of boost 1200 egt 100% load unfortunately I didn't screenshot it to save it so y'all could see all the parameters but I was concerned because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't even make the truck smoke so tonight I got home and played around and decided to load the stock injector race tune from the download just for the heck of it and see what happened low and behold no smoke the same spit and sputter when you slap it from a dig and the nasty pop/crack out the tailpipe when In lock up and hit i never even hit 100% throttle so my question is am I just asking for too much out of a near stock truck or do I have something wrong? Can a sovp not send the fuel I'm asking for? And if there is any test I can run on that VP to test it?
  9. After the reflash and install of your corrected tunes the truck runs like a dream not smokey and gets up and goes. Huge thanks to @Mopar1973Man @Dieselfuture @Me78569 and @kzimmerfor helping get all this straight it was a long hard battle but we came out on top! This is by far the best forum for 24v info specs and general knowledge. Next up is the fuel pressure sensor install and a brakes on all 4 corners again fellas thank you. thank you. thank you I can't say it enough
  10. We flashed to version 2.8.4 on the way home now to test truck should I run your tunes or mine that you corrected?
  11. I have a buddy that's a computer wiz has every windows os back to 95 and he can do Linux as well we are on the way to his house now will have more info soon and the only tube file I could find was the hard fuel tune so can I download that then make my tune with the parameters you gave me and should be fine as long as the files activate on the module via Bluetooth? Is this correct?
  12. Ive been trying the flash here for awhile and it keeps saying devcon failed and won't let me proceed any farther and I'm using a USB mini cable from an old go pro
  13. OlPurp98


  14. And when I try to apply the new tune it says x amount of tunes failed to update every time I try to install running 1998-2002 V2 Dodge version 2.7
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