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  1. Ok so im in need of a drive shaft for a 4x4 with a dana 80. Then i need 3.55s to replace my 4.10s in my Dana 60 up front. If anyone has any of these please let me know. I can trade the gears and carrier. Thanks
  2. How much would a nv5600 2wd with 170k be worth?
  3. My truck is a shortbed. Why does it have to be a long bed?
  4. yea doing some reading and need output, tail housing and tc. So far ive found a tc for about 475 shipped, then tail housing on ebay are around 150 or so and then the shaft which is over 400 on quad 4x4. Then the work. Damn :banghead:I saw someone selling a complete nv5600 4x4 for 3000 thats seems a little much no? It has over 200k on it too.
  5. I have a 4x4 truck with a 2wd nv5600. What all do i need to install the transfer case?
  6. Thats great news. I will be moving to Chicago this winter from Socal so I will be needing this soon.
  7. Well i changed my output shaft seal on the NV5600 and when everything was bolted back up and fluid filled in the TC the TC doesnt wana shift out of 2wd. The shifter does not wana budge. Truck went into gear and had no issue there but cant engage 4x4 or put it in N. Did i do something wrong?? Please help me out.Thanks
  8. Well after gettin my 02 totaled by a Jack A$$ and not having a truck for 4 months and having diesel withdrawal I finally got another truck. I wanted the same options if not a better and I got myself a pretty good replacement. Its a 01.5 High Output 4x4 6spd. Only difference this time is the 4x4. This one has a few upgrades. Rebuilt Trans with Valair SD and a new VP44. Has rv275, edge comp, Banks intake horn, AFE intake (which i will be replacing) Magnaflow 4" TBE, Raptor 150, 08.5 end links and drag link with Bilstein stabilizer, BD Box Brace. Its leveled with Weld Racing Cheyennes and 35s. Do not like the wheel back spacing and offset so will try to sell the wheels and tires and get some more stock spacing wheels in 17s and get some 295/70/17. Its got Leather heated seats which is a nice add on that i wanted. I plan on taking my stereo from the old truck and the ATS 3pc and new gauges that were in it and the fast coolers from the trans. I will also be swapping the rear ends cuz this one has 4.10s and old one had 3.55s. Do not like the high rpms or the mileage its currently has. All in all its not a bad truck. But it will not replace my old truck. I eventually will repaint it white. The plan is to get Backwood front and rear bumpers and change the wheel setup and paint. Dont plan on to many engine mods. This will be more of a tower for my race car.
  9. From the searches ive been doing there is a seal on the output shaft of the trans.
  10. The research ive done seems to say that the rear seal on the nv5600 is leaking. Where is the best place to get a seal and is there any seals on the transfer case that i should do since it will be off? The trans was rebuilt less than 20k miles ago so seems weird that its leaking that soon. Here is a pic of where the leak is coming from and it is yellow in color and i dont mean the yellow paint lol. Cant see the oil in the picture. Want to make sure i get the right seals that will fix the problem. Thanks
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