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  1. I've searched for boost leaks last fall when I rebuild the truck: None at all from what I can see at least, I can get 55psi on command- quad limiter set at 57. Coolant has never gone above 198 deg so that seams up to par as well (I flushed the system when I rebuilt the truck, new water pump installed, washed rad, condenser and intercooler up). Engine oil temp seams a bit high IMO but maybe I'm over thinking that one...
  2. So: I can't tow (8000lb camper) in OD and I"m ok with that (low rpms due to 3.55 and 35" tires lol) Cruising in 3rd at lower rpms (1700-1900 on gravel roads) is also a bit warm too on the egt side. Question: The Quad EGT reads a 100ish deg lower than my glowshift max tow gauge around 900+ deg, some places I get the max tow to 1200 but Quad is showing 1100... Which should I trust? Both probes are side by each in the manifold. Water temp sits great at 195 and Oil temp stays at 208 on the quad. Towing boost also seams low- rarely over 17psi cruising (19-2100rpm). The motor is st
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