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  1. It holds 60 psi for the house when both sprinklers are going so not bad really. I will give it a rest tonite and then fire it back up in the early morning. Leave off in the heat. Good thoughts, and I thank you.
  2. I have trees showing stress from lack of rain and excessive heat, so for past week I have been running my well pump 24/7 moving the irrigation every 24 hrs. The trees after a day or so are looking better. It's a good well never runs out but, I'm concerned for the well pump down in the well at 71 feet. My well guy sold me a ceramic pump, is now 26 yrs old, is showing no signs of weakness. I can run two hoses full without weakening pressure and supply the house just fine' My question is Should I give the pump a rest? Been going for a week now. T.I.A.
  3. Wouldn't that be something to show up with at the jobsite.
  4. What will you drive to get to your job ?
  5. yep, that will be cool. How many nites in Lassen do you think?
  6. Did I hear that right? Wow, incredible! Next one is this Fall in October
  7. And we still find time to meet up in the mountains twice a year to rest and go fishing.
  8. It would have been better if you got the Timbo APPS since that one shows better reliability and cost around $200. I'm suggesting you postpone the long trip until you know it's running OK. Run around town shorter runs until you know for certain. Clean battery posts and other grounds and connections since it doesn't hurt to always be improving the electrical system on these trucks. The single most vulnerable ground is the one you can't see easily. It's down low on the fender flange (flat part) in front of and below the drivers battery. There is another just above on the side, in front of the battery just about belly height. Two long extensions will get the one down low and sometimes a section of wire harness has covered it up so you got to look under those wires down there. Thats an important one to check because of the corrosive location and being main grounds for the PDC.
  9. You might be on to something Dripley because my truck has this 'CCD' occasionally come up on my overhead. Never have figured out why. I think it might be wise to check the W-T groundings and others(might have come loose somewhere). Do the simple stuff like check battery condition, clean posts, look for voltage drop with the meter etc. I think it something simple.
  10. Here is a bit of news... I am seeing the temps at around 5 in the morning drop a couple degrees from the morning before, each day (48 degrees this morning). We are loosing daylight hours now since june 21st. This month alone we loose a total of almost a full hour. I'm glad for this as we cannot take another scorching heat. 116 degrees was too much, you can see the burned tips on trees to the forest around me. So little rain I'm running sprinklers almost 24/7. Amazing how they perk up so well with some water. Can't hurt since fire season is here. Keep it simple Im glad badges are gone Don't forget your prayers everyone... I don't know about you but, to me things are getting weird these days.
  11. Tell the boss managers what you need to live right and get a raise. You aren't getting any younger and that commute is really going to take it's toll on you. Figure what you spend for extra maintenance and fuel and deduct that from the increased taxes. find nice place out in country the woods and heat with wood boss. You can do it and you'll never find a better job from what you describe.
  12. ''Jag1, can you come over with yer metal detector?" Sure Boss! What do ya mean check it out all around at 35 feet away
  13. @Dieselfuture, why don't you move to the town you like your job so much? You might do real well selling and buying another place. Maybe get pole barn with it fer all yer toys, right?
  14. Way I do it is get down to the hard part, drink coffee while starring at it I call MoparMan 50 times. Works every time.
  15. It was very long drawn out ''eeeyouCaw'' and loud. Could be one of Dripleys relatives
  16. This chicken was running so fast he passed several cars in a 65 MPH interstate. Passing in the emergency lane and estimated to be doing 95, one of the cars saw him get off at the next exit and tried to follow. He was lucky enough to see which farm he went into, so he pulled up and asked the farmer working outside how this chicken could be so darn fast. The farmer went on to say that some he raises have three legs. He asks why raise chickens with 3 legs and the farmer says well me and my wife and son like drumsticks and that's three of us. Well, do they taste good, he asks? The farmer says, 'I don't know I never caught one"
  17. Thanks for your patience, I do know ticker symbols. I will look those up later this morning... I have to go back to sleep after a strange animal call from down the canyon. Add the noises out by my trucks, I felt like chambering one, but I decided only to bring the tactical flashlite. It's extremely bright. I decided It was just the nightly visit from the racoons but that call from the canyon man that was spooky.
  18. Yeah there's so much crooked going on it sad. Enron really put the screws to everyone. Many loosing a lifetime of savings. Bernie Madoff comes to mind along with some others. I trust Edward Jones only because I know the guy in charge of my account. He really does do right by me. Some branches the financial advisors I've heard caused some problems but, that's true with any business where some are good and some not so..... So you say 'vix' and 'spy' ' please clarify, excuse my lack of knowledge.
  19. Recent dividends show pretty good and if the stock goes up and takes a split One of mine did a split giving 4 shares per each. It made room to go higher and doubled my investment.
  20. I have been reinvesting all my dividends since there is no fees when doing that. My broker keeps wanting me to get more cash into my portfolio. He has been doing real good for me. Edward Jones is real careful and doesn't fall for exuberance over a stock. The right companies can be a good bet. when they have no debt, sales increase each year, and they have a lot of assets. I wish Mopar1973man sold silver 'Mopar Money' ..... one side his face with wrenches in hand... other side a big chicken standin there.
  21. Are you trading more often for a shorter term and taking/ securing your profits?
  22. I like copper too. My electrician says his rolls of wire have gone up almost 5 times in the last 18 mos. @015point9 it looks like the current price is coming back up on copper? Am I understanding that chart correctly?
  23. I'm sorry, what is 'usd'? Im stocking up on things I know I'll need in the future like tools, fluids, filters for the trucks. I just opened my second 55 gal drum of CI-4 bought years ago. Each lasts a long time and saves me big as the price goes up. What to do with stocks is another story. It wasn't bad to stay with them even while lots of articles came out about a massive sell off looming. Who knows what the future will bring with those? I just bought Checkpoint Software not long ago....They are known for protecting companies from Hackers or cyber attacks.
  24. Them stupid Badges calling W-T a 'greenhorn'. Yeah, we are done with those things
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