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  1. Most around here state up to 20% and not less then 5% Wow, that explains a lot of my engine loudness. [PDF]Minnesota B20 Handling Guide https://www.mda.state.mn.us Beginning May 1, 2018, Minnesota law requires that diesel fuel sold in Minnesota contain 20 percent biodiesel (B20) during warmer months, reverting back to five percent for the colder months. Bio-diesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel made from domestic, renewable sources Ahhh I see, its 5% in winter. So is the Bio fuel more prone to gelling?
  2. I wonder if being from Minnesota makes a difference, I get a fair amount of fuel knock when running #2 or any non white bottle fuel in my truck in then the Minnesota cold. 148k on the original injectors could be part of it. Oct 30 means 20 deg or colder start ups, and when-it drops to bellow -0 deg its loud. The Truck needs a plug in and good working grid heater. (otherwise it complains.) It will still start but it makes me nervous to hear it run that cold. I could be under the placebo effect of the fuel additive, but I hear it calm down when at least putting in a little "anti hell"
  3. this was helpful, it for the Chrysler A-833 but its the point that counts. Here's the full link. https://books.google.com/books?id=ZwJbDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA19&lpg=PA19&dq=main-shaft+to+moving+forward+and+backwards+enough+to+pop+the+shift+ring+out+of+gear&source=bl&ots=j85QltodQE&sig=ACfU3U37_3qvlbnTPQv6QyrWpi0uvZr2xw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwicg5qMl7DlAhVBIqwKHcxjAWYQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=main-shaft to moving forward and backwards enough to pop the shift ring out of gear&f=false
  4. Which bring the question, whats causing it? and would they have rebuilt it with a old or bad bearing? hmmmmm... I know they will reuse parts that fall into spec, but I really think the bearings should have been new.
  5. OK, an up date: Had it in to the Guys at Midwest, like i said, and they did not drop it and see what was up. with in a week and about 200 mile its now shuttering in 3rd gear on deceleration. also when grabbing onto the shifter in prep to shift from third, it will come out of gear upon deceleration, before engaging the clutch ( at all speeds and rpm's, for the third gear) It just pops right out with no engagement of the clutch. I know you can time the rpm's and deceleration to shift with out engaging the clutch but this will do it with no effort, you only have to let up on the accelerator. I called Thomas Crawford in WY, and he called Scott at Midwest Trans. (Both are nice guys, so I'm not complaining) Its just no fun to re-do work for anyone. Well, I got a call from Scott at Midwest and he agree to take out the trans in a few weeks, when his shop slows down. I'm good with that, as I have customers to take care of, and i need the truck to do that. I'll let you know what comes next. (Phantom, Clutch or Transmission.)
  6. I would agree with the bleeding of the preblead units based on my same experience. Could it be done buy just dropping the slave and leaving the master in place? seem that would work. The wobble vibration in fourth gear seems to be a different issue. Seems the shifter socket is engage directly into the fourth gear shaft. this make me think its the pilot bearing. Any chance anu scope could be placed into the inspection hole and this could be seen?
  7. Man that sounds so frustrating. I was told by Landon at SB once the slave is out you should have no more then 7/8" from the housing edge to the fork. But it is kinda hard to be exact. Im gonna do this test just because the tabs didn't break of the white retainer ... after the initial install by the Tech. But as I said before Im thinking its the Pilot bearing because of the wobbly vibrations on the shift when decelerating in fourth gear from around 40mph to 25 mph. How-ever wouldn't it vibrate in all gears and not just fourth? Also , If this is what it is. I wondering if the inspection hole on the back of the bell housing passenger side, might be a way I could get a look at it. But i'm not sure. Probably I'll have to pay to have it dropped, and them take a look.
  8. Hmm You can call and ask for Landon at SB, he was who I spoke with, I've also read several thread where guys mentioned a Peter. But That's where I'm headed next, as far as who to call. I guess I'll be able to have the transmission and drive line kinda ruled out. So I'm thinking that SB will have to think out what they can do, Probably I'll work on them setting up a shop they use here to take it out. If it turns out to be a bad install I'll be surprised. But then it'll go on Thomas Crawford's dime. If it's a bad clutch then South Bend's dime. Midwest has all but promised its not their transmission, that causing the issue. (But It still could be that someone did't shim the input shaft or a bad internal part.) Just have to keep pursuing it. Other wise I'll have no confidence in it and be stuck on some High desert road again. your sound like the fork was put in wrong or the through-out bearing is not doing its job. I think mine is the pilot bearing? Definitely make-them-fix-it , and if you give them opportunity to do it and they wont, then it's time for Court. Just keep records on your progress and writ it down. the judge wont want to read a lot. So, if you bullet point it and then give the details for back records he'll be prone to side with you and get you some justice.
  9. Yep, I was stuck at the mercy of who was able to get it done and get me and my family back to Minnesota. "Thomas Crawford Auto" repair in Casper Wyoming, Is who did the work, But Landon at south bend , and Tim, Bud, and Scott at Midwest are the product warrentors, So I'v got three entities to work with. Thomas would definitely have it back in his lot if it was close. However I would think between the three of them they would coordinate a fix. I'll have to see if I can get them to do that, Next. I will say that no one has been rude or obnoxious. But I just have yet to see a good solution here. really disappointing so far. I'll stay positive for now. If it breaks then I guess they have a repair anyways. Who did the clutch install, on yours?
  10. Yup I heard these clutches are a little hit and miss. , If I cant get it fixed I will launch a bad review campaign and get my experiences out there. it already cost me on week with out my work truck and to jobs rescheduled. I have been reasonable and fair, and paid my bill in full have been promised a good warranty and a quality job. ( I'm fairly good at visits to all the important places to post reviews.) I can also create my own web page just to tell my story with pictures of the entire process and parts.
  11. Ill probably have to post some very bad reviews. I'll be talking to a few folks at South Bend, and calling the installer. But taking it back to "Casper Wyoming" is not and option. I've got 1 year or 12k to get it sorted out that the warranty. If I have to pay to get it right I'll have to file a small claims against the parties, and see what the judge thinks. But for now I'll drive it like it is. Surprisingly Scott at Midwest said they would want about $800 to take it out and see if its the clutch. (I'm not sure why when the install charge less then that to put in the trans.) but I'll probably have to do it my self and than, get the parts swapped out for free. Let a job go to others who don't really have a good sense of quality, and it'll get mucked up every-time. The word professional is just not really complete with out integrity. And taking responsibility for your job and any re-work is what that integrity stands for I'm just \ unimpressed so far, seems guys build up a business and then forget all the good people who got them where they are and then just let people down.
  12. Ok, Not so new, good but still worth looking into. Update: Took the truck into Midwest transmission in Zumbrota Mn. This is where the trans was rebuilt. When I dropped it off on Monday tim handed me off to Bud in the shop, After a test drive Bud mentioned that they would probably take out the trans and look at things. However, over the week Tim, Bud, and Scott all took turns? driving it a bit and looking at it, not sure how well, but they decided to let it go for now. We did have them change out trans mount, and the center carrier support bearing and drive shaft balanced since that would mke it match their work skill, and not mine. (so that rule out the obvious.) So, still no change, fourth gear shutters when in the deceleration comes on, between 40 mph down to 25 mph, driving it . Seems like Scott (the owner in part ), decided not to take out the trans for now. He feels it has more to do with the Clutch, but since he has high confidence in the SBDD 3250 and the fact that every thing was changed out down to the fly wheel and pilot bearing when put in in Wyoming. He feels it could be some chatter from the clutch on the input shaft, because while its shuttering in fourth it stops once the clutch pedal is pressed down. Meaning no shutter when the clutch is disengaged. Obviously, I was hoping , they would have dropped the trans and taken a look but (they didn't want to put the 7 hours in to it,) as the problem seems to be the South bend or installers problem, and they didn't install the trans or clutch. they are just the re-builder. I do understand that. Still, it would have been a nice thing to do. But what can i say. I have a business and I do that sort of thing for my customers, but I guess I need to to keep them. Scott said , Im gonna have to wait until its get better or worse. But since it did this from the start its tough to get some one here to take a look at whats going on inside the bell housing. " Moparman's" post on the pilot bearing falling out on to the input shaft seems likely, But Midwest did not want to check that out, hinting that that would be the installing shops responsibility and South bends product portion of the job.. Midwest also owns a drive line shop in Maple Grove Mn that did the drive shaft work for me. My concern is that eventually problem will take out the input shafts bearing, and ruin the transmission.but I'm kinda stuck. So as is goes for now i'll be watching it. I have now spent 5k into a trans and clutch and not having confidence in the products so as installed so far. The shutter comes on when in fourth gear deceleration but stops when the clutch is depressed, and that is not normal to any one I've spoken to. . .
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