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  1. im just curious...do you think that the site runs itself??? any site for that fact. You have to put time and energy into ANYTHING that you want to be profitable!! I will NOT let Mike run this site "into the ground" NO ONE will be able to advertise for free!!! If you want to do that, go to Craigslist...im sure they have quality parts!!
  2. Wet Vette


    Hello all! Its been a spell since I have been on here. I will try and do this everyday. I don't have too much knowledge on trucks or cars, just basic stuff, mostly. My Dad use to race stock cars and Mom did Powderpuff until she blew it up! and one of my Uncles use to drag race. so, i feel that is where my love of cars came from. Old school cars! I do enjoy drag racing. my Mom had a 69 Chevelle that i drove in high school; I always told her I would only race anyone I knew i could win! I started driving, around 6 I guess; when I could reach the peddles, my dads Studebaker and mom had a 69
  3. Wet Vette


    Howdy!! My name is Eileen. But on this site i shall be known as..wettvette! Also, I am Mikes girlfriend. This man is amazing!!! He basically recused me!. So, I am now out here with him, living the dream!!
  4. Wet Vette

    Wet Vette

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