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  1. I have a similar problem, I already changed the crankshaft sensor, apps, overflow valve and I still have the problem that when I start it it is purring for a few seconds and it goes off alone, I already did the thing to disconnect the left connector of the pcm and it started me fine but I haven't gotten to the problem
  2. Hello friends ... when I bought the truck, 7 years ago it came with this vp44 and it showed that it had been repaired, I now did the process for the P0222 code on both connectors again and in step # 6 I DON'T CONTINUE When testing on terminal # 1 and # 2 of the TPS connector, I also tried to start it with the TPS disconnected and the engine started the same, with a purr that lasts 5 seconds and the engine shuts down alone.
  3. hello ... for several days it gives me the p0222 code but it did not cause a fault that I felt driving, I did not use the truck for a week and yesterday when I started it it made like 8 injection cuts in a row and very strong and then the engine was turned off I just started it several times but he did the same and the throttle does not respond and the only code he gives is the P0222, I am very worried I don't know what it will be. thanks for your help. Orlando
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