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  1. But if injectors agree disconnected and it is hotwired will it spit fuel out of the nozzles on pump? Is there supposed to be something turning/clicking/buzzing? I just get one single click when I touch the hot wire and try and start truck..
  2. Ok so upon pulling the cluster, checking the circuit for breaks and what not this caught my eye..I believe I traced this circuit down to the LCD connection on back Also the bars connecting the LCD screen that's soldered in. Two were touching...inside the screen there's a blotch, kinds like a bulb exploded or whatever..new cluster coming soon.. Tried the VP44 hotwire, I have good fuel flow in my line before the VP, idk if it need the back pressure of the injectors being connected or not, but I removed them and there's NOTHING coming out of VP.. Like. A. Drop. Maybe..
  3. Ps. Upon swapping relays, and taking a break, I swapped fuel for horn and then my horn started blaring nonstop...just another clue I thought I should mention..
  4. I mean I havent gotten it there to let thermostat open, ect. As to let everything open, and work...so I ar this point I do not have milky oil. But I still havent figured out this wiring...if that's my deal or not.. I can't see anything where the odometer is supposed to be...smarty tells me codes the handheld doesn't. Grid heater circuit, glow plug circuit, com between jtech mod, communications between ecm and IP, no bus I read somewhere it could happen, or did happen, but I think is was a different smarty..not the touch. I dont recall.. But why would my mileage rese
  5. Well it'd won't run continuously...having batteries charged today, and swapping starter... I tested the VP plug based off the blue chip site... I have 5 ohm on the blue wire with red stripe on it, it says if you have any voltage, when key cycles to run or start to snip it.. This stupid 'Autometer' is only reading the ohms...same? At the VP power I was getting 3.9 volts I'll be ideally of early today, so I'll have daylight to do this work.. Stay frosty, I'll be on here till she runs again hopefully.
  6. I only turned it up to mess around with tuner, if I set it to a lower level of fuel and duration it doesnt smoke, just timing adjustments, and get up and goes, so the tuner works good, but I was 18 when I bought the truck, so coal was cool... So no more coal, gotcha. Not sure that's a good idea, time will tell. I also had a stud, sticking up a half inch, inside the rocker valley, that's where the milky mess started from once I pulled head and seen, cleared out thread, and re torqued all ok until I get truck operating temp..
  7. So possibly not the ecm? A connector? That would be fantastic...I think..
  8. Head gasket seems good, and after the te gasket on oil filter housing, aka engine oil cooler as well, if had the truck turn over and start once, but I had no pedal then it hasnt cranked and batteries got weaker..no milky oil yet but it hasnt been to op. temp either... Diagram for hit wire tap on VP? Ps. 512000 is ACTUAL mileage, but now that display wont light up, the '0' in the above pics is last time it did anything...which madd me think comp was rest or something somehow...
  9. No I have the wires all together, except the column which is just exposed cause I was checking for crimped/ broke wires, I only had the fuel up for the coal. I have since turned it back stock. As far as the trip pin, that part won't light up AT ALL... which has me thrown off.. I do not have the dash lights you see in the photo The relay will do countless clicks, not one or two, but that's with any relay I put in there..
  10. So I'm gonna be as thorough as I can, but sorry if I'm vauge.. Truck ran fine, had the Smarty on it, rolling coal...did some brakes and ball joints, let the truck down off the jack, cranked it and started white/blue smoking...dont really recall was kinda worried, shut it down, limped him home and parked. Later got it cranked, parked for months, drove it about 45 miles, lost compression in 3rd, downshifted and caught boost, got it where I was going, parked it again...didnt have the money to fool around with it... 8 months later....got batteries charged, oil filter, fuel filter, a
  11. Doesnt explain why my dash wont light up, and 1689 code is the only code the handheld will read...'Manufacture Control' I'm getting so frustrated, I have column apart. I've undone wire looms...now I did just noticed my fuel relay in my TIPM does this weird click click clicking...even when i swap...bad tipm? Ecm? Also I noticed the CC topic above, and my cruise i can set but at some point it will floor and i have to brake to cancel, is this related to alternator?
  12. So I'm doing this test now, but has anyone ever seen where the odometer doesnt pop up at all? Like when you first turn ignition all the lights come on the dash? Mine don't..just wts, blinkers, high beams, all good, but at one point my mileage rest to 0?? I have 512xxx miles on this guy...radio doesn't work. And cant get truck to crank...real slow turnover, gm was getting p1693/1689/1687 and one more I cant recall....did the WT ground mod and now its p1693 only...checking IP now at wiring harness Also I have done the W-T mod and alternator protection to aux batt..added a buddies good PCM a
  13. So I'm doing this test now, but has anyone ever seen where the odometer doesnt pop up at all? WheN you first turn ignition on. all the lights come on dash? Mine don't..just WTS, blinkers, high beams, all good, but at one point my mileage rest to 0?? I have 512xxx miles on this guy...radio doesnt work. And cant get truck to crank...real low turnover, codes showing are p1693/1689/1687 and some more I cant recall... did the WT ground mod and now its p1693 only...checking IP now at wiring harness. 01 5spd Quad cab, 4in turbo back, KnN, ARP STUDS, Smarty Touch(at stock since issues occ
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