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  1. Could be the guy that rebuilt it did not drain the oil after a short break-in period and refill with fresh oil again :shrug:Should be obvious wear patterns on the teeth if there is too much backlash.If it's not making noise, I don't think I would worry too much.
  2. I have a tough time believing that. I would ask Chrysler directly. I would say as long as you are changing oil at proper intervals and have the receipts to prove it, there should not be a problem. I always use Baldwin filters, we run them on all our equipment at work (some very high hour units) and typically any problems are not caused by poor filtration of fuel, engine oil, or hydraulic oil. They seem to be very reasonable in price too.
  3. Yeah, I should have known that. Thanks. Could it possibly be the pilot bearing? As for taking apart the 5600, I have not. I will have experienced help though, it will be a great learning experience...if I do ever get around to it. Thanks again fellow's. --- Update to the previous post... ...(one more for good measure)...maybe it will turn out to be my first instinct...that something is loose:doh:
  4. Thanks, I don't think it is belt noise. However it is one thing I will definitely double check in order to rule out. I was planning on pulling the nv5600, as 3-4 occasionally grinds, to rebuild it. I just may decide to get around to it alot sooner to inspect the clutch. Thanks again.
  5. Yeah, may as well go at least 150. Probably could do the math on fuel return and with some mods a 100 would be insufficiently cooling the VP44. I'm not sure the cost difference, but I doubt it is that great.
  6. Hi there. Hope everyone is well. I recently started getting some chirping in the cab and dismissed it as something being loose. However, seems it only occurs when I dump the clutch or quickly increase demand from the engine. Does this sound like it could be the t.o.b. starting to fail. Thanks for the time.
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