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  1. @Brooks man that's awesome new. I checked all the pin on firewall but I disnt see anything wrong there by eye.sight. I didn't try probing anything( as I had and have No clue on what to even peobe or what I would be looking for there!! Thank God! I got another job started today so I'm on that for next few days, but I hope by monday I'll be able.to work on truck again. 1st thing is I'll do test moparman advised then I'll so the Mods. I'm curious to see.what I find when I dig.in a little farther into this thing. Ya know what alao. I have Not tried.it in neutral or drive since I have tested
  2. Yes @dripley iHave 3 codes I total P1689 P1698 P1693. That's why I'm asking about.the mods.also on order of which to start tackling these.codes. I think the 1689 is main culprit and I think that's preventing most of my issues. And then other.are.side.effects But not sure, that's why I asked @Mopar1973Man in last.post. But still not sure about anything when it comes to diesel so far lol
  3. Yes sir reset all that when I was.doing testing for the apps it was high, it checked out good & and rest it When you say BUS problem? Forgive me but what does that mean exactly? So do I have 3 different problems? Or is it 1.of these effects something else and that will throw the other codes. I'm guessing the 1689 code is what is causing it not to rev up like it should? And therefore not come alive.per say( turbo kicking in and all that? Is this correct so far? Then the 1698 is something entirely different I need to figure that out in addition to 1689 code?
  4. Yes definitely is a.percise market, o ly advantage is , I'm in nice warm sunny southwest fl, and all these people with more $ than sence have to have their stuff like they want it( which is good for me) , I've gotten slower last cple weeks, but FL, fixing to open up pretty quick Governor here is awesome guy and cares about normal people not just deathly. Which helps. Not only that but all theae.good ole boys down here wouldnt put up with stuff like Michigan state governor trying to do( bit no politics here for sure!) Now.to Mr @Mopar1973Man Thank you so very much for what you
  5. Would this WT Mod fix my issues I'm having? Or atleast any chance.of it? Still cant figure.out why I cant get this figured.out still Everything that has been suggested so far i have done with no change.this far. I'm trying to decide if it worth time and a chance that this Mod could fix mine ( i realize it will help in future with issues) or is it impossible to tell if this will fix it or not? Still have same codes 1689, 1698 1693 and still only idle or 1500rpms that's it . So I'm trying to figure.out what is best use of time without wasting $$ I Do Not have( any extra.i would have o
  6. @Brooks and @dripley I appreciate all the responses & trying to help me. @Brooks I've had this nickname.for 30+years now if not longer. They definitely a reason Im Called The Evil( I dont ever forget being done wrong( or right) Twisted part comes from few reasons( I'll let yall guess that part). Lol Anyways what test are you working on where your testing black wire on VP and 5ohms and all that?? I trying to see if I did that test or not I dont remember. And trust me @Brooks I am in same place. I dont have the $200 to take to my mechanic, but if I dont hurry and get this
  7. This sounds almost exactly as.mine is acting. Except mine will Only idle.og when you give it throttle it will instantly got to 1500rpms. No more no less I have nothing in between rpms. And of course it doesn't come alive.or do anything except sound like diesel but that's it. Lol Dis this mod make anychanges.as.far as.getting passed the 2000rpms? Do you have any rpms in between idle and 2k? Or does yours go straight to 2k with out being able to Keep it Anywhere but 2krpms? Like can you make it hold @ 1200rpms, or 1500? I'm dealing same thing so I'm curious if.you have figures.
  8. I tried relay swap , that didnt change a thing. What does the WT Mod do exactly? .meaning why is it important to do?
  9. What does this Mod do exactly? Moparman suggested I try this next with issues I'm having. No throttle above 1500 rpms. Are my.codes I'm getting P1689 P1698 P1693 My original post is under I have dreaded p1689 code. So what does this mod do? Fix? Or correct? And how or why do we do this for? Still learning so very curious. Thank you Eviltwisted1
  10. What is this exactly and how.do I perform this? And then what does it prove 1 way or other?
  11. What is the W-T ground wire model for vp44?? What exactly is that and how.do you perform test?. I will swap relays around but pretty sure I already tried that. But I'll let yall know tonight Thank All of yall for trying to help me
  12. Yes sir wach every time!! Everything I can see /find /diag myself so far with help of yall who trying, recalibrated apps, rest it to ECM as.directed from help. Get in turn key on. All lights come on.as they should. WTS always comes on!, it fires right up when ya hit key that far. .motor perrrs at idle but soon as you go to give.it Any throttle. It immediately jumps to the 1500 rpm mark, wether.i give it tiny bit or wide.open, under load or in park doesn't matter. But for life.of me I cant figure out what is causing it this. Every other thread I see or read. Their trucks are driving / ,
  13. I have checked all the fuel pressure. I have checked all wiring ( no cracks splits broken). APPS sensor has been tested recalibrated & set.to ecm . Non of this has worked or helped Anyone to be able to Help Me!? So I really need help. Stock motor 89 5.924v Code P1689 still learning Deisels myself . Checked as much is as I can. But basically its No Communication between ECM &Injectio Pump Module So what part is it that is Bad? Is it the ECM or something else. I'm desperately trying to get this figured out. Unlike all other guys that have this issue.
  14. ok I have done A lot testing and checking different things. To catch y'all up. I finally got truck running again. I had air in lines and has to bleed all way to injectors. Fuel pressure is 10lbs of pressure idle or on throttle. So this is Not a Fuel issues. It is either in COM or somewhere else. I checked APPS and it at idle was reading .729 or close to it. I recalibrated no throttle .512 or close video shows #s. So now APPS is set at the .5_Mark it needs. I have checked all wires coming off the APPS for volt readings to check that. There is a slight hiccup/fault/hesitation I point out i
  15. I'll try and clear things up a little I was doing a test from on this forums trying to figure out p1689 code. There was supposed to be white wite on #2 terminal on back of vp44 connector. And #13 in 51pin on ECM Hold that thought. In checking fuel system I changes filter. I Have Bles it All air is out of lines! From what I think ive.learned is that the transfer pump in the tank is bad ( only has 10lbs of pressure with pump on , when cranking engine over it drops to around 5lbs( which is something else that everyone is saying g if lift pump bad it will be hell to get it st
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