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  1. My circuit breaker got in today actually! So i'll probably finish it all up tomorrow, but i'm worried about my soldering skills to be honest haha
  2. Im still waiting on the circuit breaker I ordered last month.... wtf! Its supposed to be in on Thursday so I should have it all done and buttoned up this coming weekend and I will let you guys know how it went
  3. @Eviltwisted1 Just a thought, have you reset your APPS yet?
  4. @IBMobile I'm having a brain fart right now... whats the point of installing my new 140amp fuse at the pdc if the charge wire isn't going there anymore? If something were to overload again, there will be no fuse in this new system to pop and prevent further damage right?
  5. The diodes looked burnt, but I suspect that's because of a/c noise caused by the bad grounds correct? I'm goin to do the @W-Tground mod along with the pcm ground mod, replace my 140amp fuse and a reman alternator today and all "should" be good I hope... wish me luck! @Eviltwisted1 check out @W-T's Ground Reference article
  6. it is a neoprene gasket and I didn't use any sealant
  7. I tested both batteries individually and they both tested good
  8. I need some help, checked all my grounds, they look good. My alternator got super hot blew my 140a fuse, so I pulled my diodes out of the alternator and they are smoked... my copper windings are black too. Should I buy a new alt, reman, or get a nice one from mechman? I also really want to do the PCM ground splice repair and the W-T ground mod before I install my new fuse and alt. I understand the PCM procedure but I don't fully grasp the W-T ground mod. Not to mention I can only find @Mopar1973Man's simplified write up and not the original. I'm in a pickle atm.
  9. The pvc pipe driver was obviously not strong enough lol so I had an epiphany and used a 13/16 deep socket and the seal retainer popped right out haha. Shouldve done that in the first place. No leaks but I did go for a test drive and it was sounding kinda funny down there... so idk wtf I got on my hands now. All of my gauges quit working last night as well and the headlights were super dim, but my truck stayed running which is weird. Volts read 8 on the gauge so now im lookin at a mechman alternator.
  10. Got it figured out. Thanks for the inputs!
  11. So Ive had the Gould pump reseal kit for awhile and decided since I got all this downtime I would go and rebuild it this morning. Everything was goin great until I started to drive the seal retainer out of the housing. I cannot get the damn thing to budge. Using a big dead blow and the provided driver tool, even used a 2x4 and a 3lb sledge and that sucker wont budge. Anyone had this issue or any tips/tricks?
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