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  2. Take a deck of cards with you. If you get lost, just sit down and play solitaire. Some jerk will always come along and tell you how to play it.
  3. OK I know this can be done but I don't want to fry anything, so I am asking for help from others that are more knowledgeable than I. I have a set of KC HID lights that my nephew gave me. They are bright as noon day sun. My problem is that they are setup for 24 volts for a HMMWV. Can I get 24 volts to these lights out of my 2 batteries already on the truck? What kind of diode (is that what I need?) will I need to get 24 volts without backfeeding 24 volts into the trucks 12 volt system. If I need to I could add another battery to make a 24 volt system separate from the 12 volt system. If I do that how do I wire in the extra battery so I can charge it but again not feed 24 volts back into my 12 volt system? I'm open to some suggestions and any help you can give me here. Charlie
  4. Holy cow. I couldn't quit laughing reading this. My wife asked what I was laughing about. Well as I am laughing my butt off trying to read it to her she was laughing so hard I think she peed herself. Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk 2
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