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  1. i know and ive got a different truck that i can lean on, just doesn't have the capability that the dodge does
  2. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/precision-fuel-pumps-4602/fuel---emissions-16775/fuel-pumps-tanks-16472/fuel-pump-strainer-16843/fuel-pump-12322/83db8e3f0135/precision-fuel-pump-module-assembly/a30060/4614935 Is there a way to figure how many amps this will draw, i need to make a harness for it. (i would also appreciate that everyone doesn't scold me for buying it as i have already installed it and i need to make some money with this truck before i will shell out the cash to go a better route)
  3. maybe the tank sump is clogged, but not enough to cause a no start
  4. so i was reading this (because i heard that ac noise is bad for ecms) and i was wondering if it would hurt my replacement ecm to crank my truck to check my VAC, and how much diesel i would need to run it to do that, because my fuel sending sending situation is FU*KERD and i don't know when i can get the right parts in, but i can pull fuel out of a jug, just don't want to fight to get a 5 gal bucket, when all i need is a gal. ( also i
  5. its not that's the reson i made this post reman but i cant run it because i dont have a working fuel supply system and i' ve been busy with helping my dad with getting our non mopar c*ap going, and i wont have time till around lunch time not at this time yes, which are that the ecm would trigger tps codes as soon as you turn it on (key in the "run" position) (i can see, with my scanner under what conditions the code(s) were triggered) and even with a new tps i could not adjust the base volts, or get any tps percentage when monitored with scan tool live data i
  6. it was when i got to working on the truck but not any more But i haven't tried with the reman because i don't have a fuel supply and it did trip a high and low volt code for the tps
  7. it wont rev up it just idels and before i got a reman ecm, i had no tps response on my scan tool live data and i checked the sensor and it went from 0-5volts very smoothly and i want to make the in tank pump work
  8. that pump is what i could get that day the old one had sh*t for suction screens i will fix it later i need to figure out why the Fu*k it wont rev up
  9. I bought this, (see link) to make my "waste of money'' o'Reilly's in-tank pump work on with my block pump truck (to make the in tank pump)https://www.ebay.com/itm/DODGE-RAM-2500-3500-Fuel-Pump-Transfer-Conversion-Wiring-Harness-NEW-OEM-MOPAR/401565500005?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 and i don't understand how it's suppose to make my pump work, i need a diagram i haven't found anything that makes sense or is detailed my truck is a 2001 bone stock 3500 C&C 24 valve nv 5600 https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/precision-fuel-pumps-4602/fuel---e
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