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  1. i know and ive got a different truck that i can lean on, just doesn't have the capability that the dodge does
  2. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/precision-fuel-pumps-4602/fuel---emissions-16775/fuel-pumps-tanks-16472/fuel-pump-strainer-16843/fuel-pump-12322/83db8e3f0135/precision-fuel-pump-module-assembly/a30060/4614935 Is there a way to figure how many amps this will draw, i need to make a harness for it. (i would also appreciate that everyone doesn't scold me for buying it as i have already installed it and i need to make some money with this truck before i will shell out the cash to go a better route)
  3. maybe the tank sump is clogged, but not enough to cause a no start
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