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  1. I thought anything coming out of the weep hole ment an internal leak and shaft was going bad?
  2. I replaced my water pump last year. It is leaking out of the weep hole again. The thing is when I was trying to check I didn't see anything come out of the weep hole. I could see where it had leaked out of it, there was evidence of it at the weep hole. There Is antifreeze under the pump that pooled there. But when I get the truck to temp and watch it I never saw any leak.Would the pump just leak intermittently? It just seems to me if it is going bad it would leak all the time. Is there anything else that would cause it to leak from the weep hole besides the pump goin bad?My truck is a 2002 6 speed 4x4 Thanks to anyone that can helpJason
  3. Ok, so my truck was a repo and the wiring harness and trailer plug are missing. I see where they cut the wires but it also looks like they had something rigged up here like some lights or something. There is a group of 5 wires grouped together in black wire protector. There is a red wire that looks like it goes back to the battery. Two other black wires.I have not bought the harness or plug yet. I want to be able to run the lights on trailer and charge the battery on the trailer while towing. Any help or advice would be appreciated.Thanks,Jason
  4. I've put around 100 miles on it since the install and so far no improvemen. If it doesnt get better by the weekend I might pull it all off and try to get the air out if thats the problem. I have noticed that my clutch pedal is a lot softer then before, seems a little sloppy at the top.My clutch was also soft at the top, and it would grab right off the floor. I was going to take my assembly off and try to bleed the air. I first tried to take the cap off the reservoir and pump the clutch to see if it would push the air out....this didnt do much of anything. I then took my truck to the steepest hill i could find around my house. I mean when i parked on it i was starring up at the sky. I took the cap off the reservoir (after I chocked the tires) and pumped the clutch about 100 times. The steep angle allowed the air to be pushed out. This worked for me like a charm....maybe it will work for you.Jason
  5. Well... I figured it out... Someone before me put an inline fuel filter on the hard line between tank and engine, just a 3/8" inline filter. I replaced that and it runs better than it ever has (Since I've owned it, only a month or so)I was really starting to get worried, I went to town twice this weekend (30 mile round trip) and wasn't sure I was gonna make it back, my pick up was bucking and snorting and coughing up smoke and not throwing any error codes...Anyway, thank you to all who helped out!Now on to some mods...I think the next thing is air filter, the previous owner put on a Spectra filter and just sat it in the bottom half of the stock air box, so I need to fix that, probably BHAF is what I'm thinking, i'll need to do some looking to see what the best option for air box with the BHAF is...Anyway, Thanks again!!!Well man I am glad you got it figured out and glad it was an easy fix. Also thanks for telling what the problem ended up being. So many times I read through a thread trying to figure out a problem with my truck and get to the end of the thread and the guy who asked for helped never came back to say how he end up fixing the problem. So thanks for that.Jason
  6. Thanks for the advice. I am running an extra quart. I changed the fluid a couple months ago when I got the truck. It helped tremendously when I changed the fluid. I dont know what was in there but it was old and almost smelled like gear oil:shrug:. It shifts much better after that. I put mopar fluid back in with the extra through the shifter. I have thought about changing the fluid again jus to see if it might help a little more. Thought maybe it might kinda "rinse" any bad fluid that might be left in there. I will not be tackling the rebuild myself. Although I would love to do but i am chicken. I am hoping someone will recommend someone around were I live. I will live with it until I find someone I trust. Thanks for everyone's reply's. Jason
  7. Last resort trick you might try. Try pumping the clutch pedal several time rapidly and see if that helps the issue. If so you still got air in the line yet. Rapid clutch pedal pumping might work the last bit of air out. This might sound crazy but when i bought my truck a couple months ago it had a new clutch and there was air in the line. I took the cap off and pumped the clutch a million times trying to get the air bubble out. It didnt help at all. I then took it to the biggest hill i could find by my house took the cap off and pumped the clutch. I knew i had something when fluid shot all over my windshield. My clutch has worked great ever since. I just figured changing the angle would allow the air to come out. Worked for me. Jason
  8. This is the help I got a few weeks ago.... http://forum.mopar1973man.com/threads/6171-fuel-gauge Even if you dont put a mechanical gauge in I recommend putting in the vulcan big line kit, the line going from the filter to the injection pump is so small. From what I have read most people say that putting a fuel pressure gauge on your truck is very important because the stock lift pumps are crap and kills the vp44. So even if your problem is not fuel pump related it is a good investment to get that fuel pressure gauge on.
  9. I had a similar issue and I put a new fuel filter in and it helped alot. I am also new to these trucks..its worth a try and won't cost you much.Also people will probably ask you if the truck has a fuel pressure gauge and what it reads under WOT.Jason
  10. So i am in need of some advice on my transmission. It grinds going into 6th gear. I can live with it for now because if I allow the rpms to drop to around 1,000 when i shift it will shift smooth. But I am not the type to leave something like that lingering over my head. I have changed the fluid which helped the tranny a lot. I couldn't even get it in reverse before i changed the fluid. I put the mopar fluid in.I guess I have a bad syncro from what I have read. Does that require a complete rebuild? Should I have it rebuilt when I have someone tear into it? Does anyone know a transmision guy in the Northern Kentucky area? Just trying to get my ducks in a row so I can start saving:spend:.....i know this will cost me a few pennies.Thanks,Jason
  11. Well i am newbie but when I got my truck it shifted horrible. It would about break my arm getting it into reverse. I put the Mopar fluid in from the dealer and it shifts 1,000 times better. It still gives a little grind going into 6th gear but I guess i have a bad syncro.
  12. In case anyone wondered I looked at the pump closer and it is a carter. I hooked up my fuel pressure gauge today. It says I am running at 22 psi at idle. It is an isopro mechanical gauge. Guess I have a little time before I have to replace the pump......that means I get new tires .Thanks for all the input. I was really confused when I discovered 2 pumps.Jason
  13. Got'er hooked up. Pretty easy except for the connection under the fuel filter...it was kind of a pain but only cause it kept leaking. I can't believe how small the stock line from the filter to the VP was. I hooked the light from the gauge to the dimmer switch....that was super easy and it gave me a chance to clean the vents and the dust that had gathered in front of the factory gauges.Thanks again for all the help!! I am running 22 psi at idle. I didnt leave the house this evening so dont no what it is under WOT.Jason
  14. I pulled my line up thru the 3 gauge pod and bumpe the lift pump until I had a solid stream of fuel and turned off the swithch. I then connected it to the gauge. One other thing I did was drill a small hole in the bottom of the pod so if it started leaking I could tell before it start running down the pod into the cab. I just run my finger under the whole every so often to be sure it is not leaking. It did after first install and I knew befre it ran down onto the floor.Ok, so the gauge itself doesn't need to have the air bled from it?This is what I will do.....I have gotten so much usefull info from this site without even having to bother anybody. I am deff gona make a donation.Thanks again Jason
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