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Fuel Gauge Line Tick

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Hi Guys,


Just thought I would mention what I have just recently gone through.

My fuel gauge line is connected to a small needle vale on the fuel pump and over time, the gauge needle valve has vibrated open.

I started to hear this tick while driving and thought I had an exhaust manifold leak. Kept looking and checking and found nothing out of the ordinary. This went on for a while and I was getting frustrated and concerned due to the exhaust burning metal away at the gasket area.

One day I happen to watch the fuel gauge as I booted it to pull away in traffic and the gauge needle jumped in time with the "tick" - ahh I thought, has to be the gauge line valve.

Adjusted the needle valve until it was almost closed - still the same. Finally adjusted it until the needle valve barely lifted off the seat and that fixed it. It appears that the needle valve spindle had moved (turned) from the fuel pump/engine vibrations to the point that I found it. I  guess close to half a turn of movement I finally got.

It sure had me concerned for a little while and I can see  how someone would think there was something more serious happening - even to the point of taking it to a shop for a diagnosis - could be an expensive mistake if the wrong shop was picked.


Thought I would post this in the hope it might stop someone else from making wrong assumptions.


Truck runs great and no more apparent engine "ticking" :-)



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Fuel pressure gauge?  Not fuel level?  That is the hammer of the pumps hammering the heck out of the gears in your gauge.  They will kill the gauge if they haven't already.  


You need to tighten the needle valve down til it stops.


Describe the tick.  Is it a buzz or it is a slow tick ... tick ... tick... and what truck is this on?  The ford? 

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I meant the Fuel Pump Pressure Gauge which I have the my steering column of my 2002 Ram 3500.

I have had exhaust manifold leaks before and this "tick" sounded just like it.

Anyways, all is good and I thought this post might stop someone else from having doubts about what he was hearing and experiencing.

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Thanks for sharing! Always good to know these little things so you can check before opening up the cash flow!


For a while my Boost gauge was making the same sort of noise, but it has since gone or I've just gotten used to it. It usually only happened under heavy acceleration.


What gauges were you running?

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