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Nissan Titan XD


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Looking at prototype photos and the article below there are some discrepancies. The article states a AAM 10.5" axle and a Aisin AS69RC transmission. The proptotype photos do not agree.

The rear axle pictures is clearly the 14bolt semi float axle, which is built by AAM but has a 9.5" ring gear.

The transmission is similar to but visually different than the AS69RC. Additionally, the AS69RC is HUGE overkill for 555 ft/lbs and a ~20K GCWR and expensive to boot.

I think it's uneducated speculation by Truck Trend. What do you guys think?


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:offtopic: I saw an article about GM coming with a diesel in the new Colorado midsized pickups soon too. supposed 30+ mpg in a 2.4l ? 4 cyl .package.

Yep that's the rumor, I think it is a 2.8l duramax though. I know I'm pretty pumped to see small diesel pickups coming back.

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