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Kubota M9540 DIY Pump Gear Puller

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I've been meaning to post this up for almost a year now, but never got around to it, so here we are.  This is to help any other poor souls that have to pull the injector pump on a M9540 or the like Kubota tractor.


Long story short, I had to pull the injector pump on a 2013 M9540 Kubota tractor last year, very straight forward until it came to pulling the gear off.  After spending hours at it trying everything imaginable I finally figured out a solution.


A 12 valve cummins injector retaining nut is the correct thread pitch to thread in, so then take a M10 nut with a 17mm hex and press it into the threaded side of the injector retaining nut.  Then use a fully threaded M10 bolt and sharpen the tip slightly (I used a stainless steel bolt that was 65mm long, reason for the SS was it was the only one I had that was fully threaded).  Then just thread your gear puller into the gear, thread your bolt into the nut jammed on the end and tighten until the gear pops off.  Really slick!  


Perhaps in another year I'll get pictures of the setup.



Other notes:

If your tractor has a loader, remove it!  


You don't need to remove the injector lines to pull the IP, just disconnect them from the pump and flex them up slightly while you pull the pump straight out.


Make sure to mark the orientation of both gears before popping the gear off.  And DO NOT rotate the engine after pulling the injector pump.  The gear that drives the IP gear is just an idler and is not the same diameter as the IP gear, so if you rotate the engine, even if your marks are lined up, timing will be off.


If you have any further questions, feel free to post on this thread, or for a possibly quicker response email me at bjohnson@mopar1973man.com


Have a good one.


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