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P0216 after Tappet cover gasket replacement

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Hey guys,  need a lil help here.  So i had to do some serious tear down of the truck to get to my tappet cover.  I found that it was leaking back when i did my rear main crank seal last time i was underneath the truck.  Needless to say to get to the tappet cover you have to pull the injection pump and lines 1,2, and 4 so that you can get the vp44 out of the way.  I was very careful when i was removing the vp44 to make sure that I didnt drop the key down the timing cover.  I aligned the key-way with the TDC mark on the top of the timing cover so that wouldnt happen. Removed the pump and went about my business.  On re-installation i put the pump back in made sure everything was aligned and bolted the vp44 down they way you are supposed to.  needless to say after I started it up i pop a p0216.  I didn't move the gear around while it was disassembled either.  Anybody have any ideas if I should pull the pump again and verify if things are lined up that way or should I go about pulling the timing cover to check and see whats going on?  BTW this pump was good before I began the work.


Any help would be appreciated.

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