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Stalling/Dead pedal/White exhaust Issue

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Good morning,

Ok so hopefully you will be able to solve or help me solve my problem before I sell this truck! 

Quick background - I bought this truck about 4 months ago with 160k miles on it, it now has 170k.  About a month ago I was driving down the street and it suddenly died.  Pulled codes and turned out it was the injection pump, VP44 no surprise.  After getting the money together, I finally had it replaced with one from Thoroughbred Diesel and also installed a FASS Titanium system while was at it.  Got it back this past Monday and it was running fine.  Took it on a quick 400 mile trip across FL with no issues.  Then the next day I took it to work, 40 miles, and started to get dead pedal intermittently.  I thought ok, I'll look at it this weekend.  Next day (Thursday) left for work, more dead pedal, got to first stop sign and it stalled out.  Restarted it, stalled again.  Finally got it back home and pulled the codes, they reflected bad APPS, so I replaced that this morning and performed the whole APPS reset as well.  Started the truck up and got plumes of white smoke from the tailpipe.  Thought, hmm that's not good.  Shut down and restarted, tried to shift to reverse, and stalled.  
As of right now it will idle fine (with white smoke), but as soon as I shift the tranny out of park it stalls.  

So far I have put nearly $10k into this truck since I bought it (also completely rebuilt the front end) and I'm at my wits end!!  Any information you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

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Sounds pretty close to what mine did. 


I made if 4 miles from the house and it started white smoking with nearly no power. Limped it back home at 30mph and pulled an 0216 code. Hopefully warranty will be fast and easy!

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