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Auto Trans Questions

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Hey all,
I need some auto transmission advice. My brother-in-law is wanting to trade his 04 hemi for a 96 cummins. Anyway the trans has some issues. I've got the 01 24v 5 speed so I don't know how to advise him and I'm hoping you all can help me out. Apparently this truck is sometimes hard to get to shift, but if you wiggle the selector, then it will sometimes shift through the gears, but tonight my brother in law said the owner was unable to get it into reverse. Do these issues sound like it could be the selector linkage, or is the owner just trying to make this sound like an easy fix? Just trying to determine if this is in need of a full rebuild or something like a valve body or solenoid...

Next question is, if it does need a trans, will a trans out of an 02 5.9 gasser bolt up and work? We have a decent one available, but I don't know whats compatible with what.

Thirdly, anything else specific to check on this truck before buying? We know to check blowy, but as I said I have a 24v so I don't know all the little things to check on these, anything else big to look at? The truck has a Fass fuel system. Why do guys do that on these 12v's? Don't they have a cam driven lift pump like the old VE trucks do?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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