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1995 abs/brake light

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grandfather recently bought 95 ram 2500 4x4 with 2wheel abs at auction with the abs/brake light on, would like to take care of it since I'm assuming it has to do with the brakes fading the more you push them. 


So i grounded the wire wire under the dash to make the lights flash, looked at the chest chart I found online and hope someone can tell me how to fix 3, I'm assuming you only count the short flashes. 



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17 hours ago, BIOHMMWV said:

Just in case, make sure the wires going to the ABS sensor in the differential are hooked up and working. The ABS and brake lights being on also indicate a fault with the ABS sensor.

 Hope I'm not too far out of line.


If I remember correctly the day after We sent out the module for rebuild since it was bad, I was installing a new gooseneck in the truck and found a bad section of wiring, did end up repairing it and when the module came bad the lights went off within 5 mins of driving so it may of been one or both I'll never know, but I know what I did to resolve it! 

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