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47rh 1st gear lock up modification

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Can anyone share information on how to modify the valve body on a 47rh to achieve 1st gear lock up?
I am kicking around the idea of putting together an Adrino and having it control lockup in each gear along with pulling on the TV cable to delay the shift before unlocking the converter, releasing the TV cable then locking back up.
I currently have manual 2nd gear lock up and have been unlocking the torque converter just before the transmission shifts to 3rd. but I need to know how soon lockup can be engaged in first without lugging the engine, or having too much of a drop in RPMs.
I want to see if I can get away with not going to an aftermarket torque converter just to have the tighter stator.
I'll be building a spare 47rh transmission with a 48re Stator and pump gear for increased flow. Hopefully, the pump upgrade (along with higher line pressure in the valve body) will provide enough pressure for low rpm engagement of the lockup.
So, a description and picture of what needs to be done for 1st gear lockup would be appreciated.

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It requires valve body modification, of which I am not sure of due to purchasing the valve body already built. I do not suggest attempting this with a stock converter or input shaft. That said contact Dusty Hawk at HTS transmission. He may give up the secret to what is needed.

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