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How hot things get in the sun..

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So I was messing with center console and everything was in the sun and I could barely hold it, so I decided to have some experiments, the results were pretty incredible.

All of the things had been in direct sunlight for hours and its about 95F right now.

So here's the results from the infrared:

Metal on screwdriver: 185F

Grey plastic for socket kit: 177F

Seat: 155F

Tires: 180F

Aluminum Rims: 89F

Aluminum Tool Box (the ones for truck beds..): 89F

Rocks in driveway: 120F

Pretty amazing. I will see if I can find anything that breaks 200F. Maybe I have a black impact socket in the sun somewhere.

---------- Post added at 04:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:55 PM ----------

Silver truck: 134F

White truck: 122F

Blue truck: 144F

Wood deck: 159F

Brownish Bricks on house: 130F

Shingles on roof: 157F

LineX in truck bed: 150F

Grass: 99-105F

Gallon of standing water: 110F

White Gutters: 120F

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