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Upgrade to MySQL 5.7

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Sorry gang...


I thought I had it all nailed down with the upgrade but there is new features and settings for the version 5.7 MySQL software. I didn't know need to be configured so the website ran for awhile then crash at some point grinding to a halt. The server load was off the scale 10.00 and above. I'll have to work at this a little at a time and try to tweak the new server to fit our site. Again I'm sorry for the extra down time. 

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I might have most of this ironed out now. During the update period, I was doing the smart thing and backing up the entire site and left the copy on the home directory. So the normal backup had an extra 11 GB to back up so in 2 days this mushroom out and sucked up every last bit of drive space. Now after deleting all the backups off the drive now we are back down to a normal size again. 


I'll continue to monitor the server and get everything ironed out and tuned. 

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