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H2O2 instead of meth/water ?

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as i usually do i was brain storming while working on my truck and had a idea pop into mind, what if you used hydrogen peroxide instead of methanol and water. consumer grade H2O2 comes in a 3% solution the other 97% is water. my theory with this, is that as with meth/water it should produce a denser charge of boost but unlike methanol, hydrogen peroxide is a oxidizer thus allowing more fuel to be introduced and burned fully in the cylinder. i would love to hear some input from the members on this. Remember this a theory and i HAVE NOT TESTED this yet so i would not recommend going to the store and dumping a bunch of hydrogen peroxide in your meth/water tank.

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i've never seen strong considerations of the stuff 3% max, dieselautopower made a good point about the affects it may have on the aluminum pistons (extreme oxidation) . probably not worth the power u'd b able to get from it unless you feel like doing a rebuild each time :lol:

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